Poll: Who's worse: 2016 Riders or 2017 Ticats?


This time last season, everyone was having a blast mocking the Riders (and maybe their fans just a little bit...),
because the Riders were a complete mess. The Riders started the season 1-10, and many believed they would make a run at the Ticats historically bad record of 1-17 from 2003.

The Riders won a handful of games in the last portion of the season to finish 5-13. Very bad, but not historically bad.

Now in 2017, we have the Ticats who are off to a 0-6 start. The Ticats' defense, run by Jeff Reinebold is donating points to the Ticats' adversaries. 234 points given up in 6 games, with a high of 60 given up to Calgary. The lowest they have given up is 32. Now, there is talk of the 2017 Ticats making a run at their own record of 1-17!

In 6 games the 2017 Ticats have 118 PF and 234 PA

In 6 games, the 2016 Riders had 128 PF and 224 PA

So between these two very bad teams, which one is the worst? In other words, up until now, who sucks more?

Vote early and vote often! :P[/i]

The Cats could very easily be 2-4... if they had managed to beat the Esks twice, they were close games and ones Hamilton could have won... I don't think they will be 1-17 again, but at this point, I don't see them winning more than 3 or 4 games. I can see a win in week 9 vs. Ottawa or week 13 vs. the Riders. We haven't progressed a whole lot since the 5-13 a year ago. Maybe we can trade for Masoli after this year, and have a QB with a legit shot at being our starter... :wink:

Haha Masoli? Get real… hes not full time starting material

The Montreal Alouettes were the worst team in the history of the game.....

Montreal Alouettes = 7 Grey Cups

Saskatchewan RoughRiders = 4 Grey Cups

Please explain how the Alouettes are the worst team in the history of the game.

He is better than what we have now... if Masoli and Bridge can push each other to be better, then the Riders benefit as well

After much deliberation and thought in all honesty I have to sadly vote for my 2017 version of the Ti-Cats up to this point . The simple thing of it is that pretty well everybody expected that the 2016 Riders after a 3-15 season in 2015 would suck again in 2016 in a rebuilding season #1 under Corky Jones and I think that even the most ardent of Rider fans weren't expecting much out of that team . So in reality it really wasn't much of a surprise that the 2016 Riders sucked........On the other hand a lot of people were predicting that the 2017 version of the Cats would finish first or second in the East and be a possible contender for the Cup this season . I honestly don't think that anyone would've thought that they would be 0 - 6 to start this season .

The crazy thing of it is though is that the Cats thanks to being in the most absolute worst division in any pro league in any pro sport you could name still have a shot at not only making the play-offs but even still have a shot at winding up in 1rst place despite starting off the season with 6 straight losses .

The Cats have Eastern opponents left to play in 7 of their remaining 12 games and only face the West in 5 of those games .
So looking at their schedule if this team can somehow win at least 5 of those division games left , possibly get a split with the Bombers and defeat the Riders at home then they could wind up with an identical 7 - 11 record like last year .
The East is so BAD once again this year that I'll go out on a limb and say the first team in the East that gets to the 7 win mark ( 8 at the most ) will emerge as the 1rst place finishers this season . So in other words although the Cats are a crappy 0 -6 so far on the season the other 3 teams in the East aren't that much better than they are .

Oh and in closing off here Johnny I'm just wondering why you didn't include the 2016 version of the Argonauts in yer poll as well ? The last time I looked they had an identical 5 - 13 record as the Riders did last season and even though tied in points were technically considered the worst team in the 2016 season .

I don't really like the Cats since I remember too well the 60's Cats with their bruisers on defense. I'm positive some BC fans remember Mosca's hit on Willie Fleming... Still, I am foremost a CFL fan which means that all teams should be competitive for the good of the league, even the Cats. IMHO, it seems the present team might be worst than the 2016 edition however, injuries to the other teams might play a role later on if the football gods give Hamilton a hand.

It goes against his main agenda for posting on this forum.....

How did their 1987 season go?

The Ottawa Roughriders! ;D ;D ;D

But seriously, I like both teams and I hated answering the question. Both teams are a broken wheel this year IMO. With the Cats its primarily offence. With the Riders its D!! I could vote either way on any given day.

Looks like the Ticats are running away with this one!

No contest . Not even close . This version of the Puddy-Cats might just be in the running for the WORST team of all time . Like Mr. Rogers used to like to say.........Hey kids , can you say 0 and 18 ? Sure , sure , I knew you could :-[. The 2003 1-17 Cat team is cheering them on with every loss . :-*

Ticats of course ,being in such a tough division.

The 82 Concordes.