Poll: Who would you hire?

You are the General Manager in Regina; which of these candidates would you hire as the new head coach?

...I voted for c...he sounds mysterious....

I'm all for Matt Dunigan - but seeing as he does not seem to be on the radar - I would be partial to Tom Higgins.

LOL, that was a typo and shouldn't have been in the poll. . . maybe we can agree that it stands for cflisthbest. . .

None of these names makes me excited.

Nobody who ever worked for the Bombers

I am surprised that no candidate has been chosen,yet, as the Head Coach,at least from what we know. To me,the longer it takes the less chance Doug Berry has to be the one chosen;also,is there disagreement between Ken Miller and Brendan Taman regarding the choice? I would not be surprised.


That could very well be the elephant in the room . . .

...I retract my vote...

I am honoured that you are so scared of my coaching that you’d want to take away your vote! hehehe :wink:

the longer they wait the more I fear it will be Berry. Gives them a shot at inking FAs before he is announced, cuz, well, I am betting that most players feel the same about him as most of us do.

I really don't think that they do..

I think we don't see the real deal in the dressing room.

I'd hire Greg Marshall.Hell, he should've been HC of the Ticats this year but since Obie and MB put ALL of the blame on the coordinators and players, they managed to get away without a scratch.Luckily they're both on a very short leash.Obie I like, MB needs to hit the front office asap and let a real coach lead the team.

Personally, I wouldnt mind seeing Doug Berry as the new head coach. In my mind, he shouldered far too much blame in Winnipeg than what he should of, as did Taman. Since Berry and Taman have left that team, the team has been in a tail spin and more than likely will continue.

In saying that, I would also like a little bit of continuity for Durant. Having a new offensive coordinator every year (as was pointed out by somebody else in a different thread) disrupts his progress. Keeping this in mind, I wouldnt mind going with that offensive coordinator from Montreal (Milanovich). Im a little skeptical about Marshall and Hall because alot of times good defensive coordinators do not make good head coaches. In my mind this is because offensive systems are more advanced, and require alot more preparation than defensive schemes. Having the head coach as a coworker on an offense benefits the team significantly.

I want an offensive HC.

According to CJAD radio -Montreal- and Herb of the Gazette, Scott Milanovich is not one of the finalists. Apparently, it is either Gregg Marshall-I presume Taman's choice- and Ritchie Hall-I presume Miller's choice-.

We should know next week.


My two top candidates would be in no particular order.

Doug Flutie
Jeff Garcia
Warren Moon

Where is Mike Kelly in this poll? :lol: :lol:

I believe that either Marshall or Milanovich would be the best choices… but I would think that either Richie(NOT RITCHIE) Hall or Doug Berry would be the front runners…

Why they have 2 defensive guys as their top two choices is beyond me??!! Maybe SM will squeak into the roll and GM and RH will be left in then dust....hopefully :lol:

I guess we cannot always have what we want.