Poll: Who Will The Riders Collect Their 1st Victory Against?

Choices are listed in remaining schedule order.

Here is their full Schedule: http://www.riderville.com/schedule/list/team/4/

...after their bye weekend, against the stampeders....they are going to lose to TO and be 0-7 going into their bye at which time there will probably be some coaching changes and lots of navel gazing but there will probably also be one of those coming together moments where the team decides enough-is-enough and they'll play their little bacon-flavoured hearts out for pride alone and lay a whupping on the Cornishless horsemen from the west....

I guess posting this on the other 5 Rider threads on this subject is crazy talk ??? Unless every member gets to start their own Rider thread ?? :smiley:

I am a rider fan through and through, but I am starting to wonder if we will see an 0-18 season.

if they do win, I think it will be in the last 2-3 weeks against a team resting their starters for the playoffs.

this is the first time I have said this..............they are un-watchable right now.

I think it will come down to when Glen returns

Argos are a horrible home team under Millanovich and are nowhere near as good as their record. Overconfidence and the "you can hear a pin drop" excitement of the Skydump will conspire to ive the Riders their best shot at a win between now and Labour Day.

I say vs. the Redblacks... though they have something the Riders don't... a veteran starting QB...and a couple of wins already...

Agree, when Glen gets back they will win a fare share.
The problem will still be the D . That is weak.

Right now the SR have no confidence.

To think they will be 0-18 is an early panic over reaction.

Is there a chance the Riders will play a high school team this year? Maybe then?

Throwing arm torn pectoral...I doubt you will see Glenn again this year....As far as their first win....the way this train wreck looks....a win late in the season IF they make significant changes....The team they'll beat....most likely Mont. in a meaningless affair.. :roll:


So predictable.


Ottawa on sept 19th.

with sask qb and D problems, they should go 0-18, but they wont. At least 2 teams will have bad enough games for sask to win. Four wins would not surprise me. Three at home and one on the road. However, not really expecting it.

2014 home 6-3 road 2-7
2013 home 4-5 road 7-2
2012 home 4-5 road 5-4

Total home 14-13 road 14-13

Last year was a bit of an anomaly for the boat people. Last years home record was bolstered by a 4-1 home finish that saw them play 4 of those games against the weaker East division teams.

So you are correct, it's very predictable that the Riders best shot at a win in the next few weeks is against the team that plays them at home and has a less than stellar success rate in thier own building. :stuck_out_tongue:

We planned on going to the game next Saturday at the RC but haven't got tickets yet, we have tickets for the Friday night game in Ottawa and tickets for the Sunday afternoon game in Hamilton. After the performance by the Riders last night I was tempted to maybe sit out the Saturday night game in TO and just stay at my daughters place. But your analysis and prediction has convinced me that maybe I should go, maybe it won't be an Argo blow out.
You are saying the Riders will make a game of it and win??............... :lol:

Riders will not beat the Argos.

If I could just go OT, since you guys opened the door.

Argooooos are 3-1 on the road to start with a back up QB.
They must be doing something right .

I will let you guys in on their secret weapon.

The reason I say this is because I was at the Tor-BC game.
It was 21-0 . Argos had some heads down.
Owens was pacing, shaking his head. Frustrated.
He then got up in some players faces yelling.

I thought it would go downhill for the Argos. What gives him the right to strip tear team mates ?
Well what happened is it sparked the team. That was the turning point not seen on TV.

Thank you. Someone else with a voice of reason. Weldon Brown has the same injury, (although perhaps more severe I don't know) but no one batteed an eye when he was done for season. The only reason people think he'll be back in 6 games is because the injury list is called 'the 6 game list'. After the 6 games, he will be extended on the 6 game. He's basically done.

I have watched football for over 35 years. I have never seen a torn (insert any muscle you want here) heal in less than 10.

It's the Brett and Tino show. Get used to it.

Their best chance is against the Argos. They are a lousy home team. Worst in the league. That said I still wouldn't go to the game. Save your money for next year when can see them play in the same postal code as your seat. Skydump is by far the worst football venue in North American. It actually seems more lively when you watch on TV than when you enter that dive.

Riders over Argos next week is my upset pick. :cowboy:

The open book on the "BIG HATE" still lingers in dcmoses vocal pride show :stuck_out_tongue: cheers dc about the razz in a fun way :wink:
I voted the Riders first win will come at home against Winnipeg :rockin:

If they don't spoil Toronto's home opener that would be my next pick, the LD Classic.

BET ON IT !!!! The Riders 1rst victory will be against the previously undefeated..........

YUP the Rider faithful will be tooting their horns again after this one. :lol: :cowboy: :rockin: