Poll: Who Will the Elks Collect Their First Win Against?

Due to a one point loss to the Riders, the Elks are the last remaining winless team. Who will they collect their first win against?

/options are in the order by which they appear on the schedule.

  • Ticats
  • Bombers
  • Leos
  • Redblacks
  • Stamps
  • Riders
  • Argos
  • Als
  • Winless 2023 Season
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They came into McMahon on Labour Day a couple years ago as a wounded entity and took a W from the stamps, and the horsies were actually not bad then…they’ll probably repeat that feat…

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Not seeing it this year.
stamps are far better than the Elk this season again

Jones has put to much trust in Mcadoo’s ability to run the offence - showdown between Jones an Mcadoo is coming - Jones always survives

Calgary wallops Edmonton


They blew it against the Ticats, but get another crack at them in a little over a month.

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Earlier I guessed that Elks would be O / 5 then wins game. Now, I guess Elks should, maybe win game number 17 or 18 when teams rest their starting lineup. A new Edmonton record of 1 and 17.


I feel your pain… My riders once had back to back 2 win seasons… one bright spot was one of those wins was vs the Evil Empire when they were hands down the best ever teams feilded ever in the CFL

I’m telling you guys here, the elk will be, what, 0-11 entering McMahon on Labour Day and get their first win…and I win the pot…


They will beat the Redblacks unless…MBT is the Quarterback.

You got my 2 cents I put in that pot

But that would be a nightmare times 10 for you?

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Oh of course, but our provincial rivals have done it before…

Once every decade since Warren Moon left

Well as a Cat fan I lived thru what we fans in the Hammer like to call the dark era from 2003-2008 . Try living thru a 6 year span and remaining a loyal fan when the team had 5 of those 6 seasons see records of 1-17 , 3-15 , 3-15 , 4-14 , 5-13 . The only season in that stretch that was somewhat decent was in 2004 when they posted a 9-8-1 mark and actually made the playoffs only to get bounced out rather quickly in the ESF .

The Dark Era (2003-08) (108 GP / 25 W / 82 L / 1 T / .231 PCT )


I’ll take Sask. Sept 15.

I am not superstitious, ( for the most part), but weird, strange, funny & stupid stuff are happening to Elks that would not be inflicted upon Eskies. Is there a curse, a voodoo spell, or mad wizard at work?? Of course, inept GM and HC after Hervey/Jones were exceptionally bad but this streak is beyond belief. Maybe some witch doctors, or exorcist, or fortune teller could help?? NOTHING else is working.


Halifax….at a Home Depot


with the roof open .


Can they organize an inter squad game on a by week?

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If Chris Jones is the organizer he’ll accidently make it an ‘away game’.