Poll: Who Will The Argos Collect Their First Win Against?

The Argos are the only remaining winless team in the entire CFL.

Who will be their first victim?

Choices are in order as they appear on their schedule.

Remember Montreal and Hamilton this week, could there be a repeat next week. Just saying.

Argos best shot will be in the Atlantic Bowl in front of the familiar three thousand fans.

Only if they are playing the Schooners in that game . ;D

The Bombers survived game 1.

Bo Bethel Levi McLoed Mitchell Thompson might combine for the upset of the year at Calgary on Thursday.

Chamblin’s defence will confound Arbuckle, while McBeth threw the ball with great authority against Winnipeg, and is tough as nails in his character.

Handicapping football says you don’t ever ask a bad team to win for you. But Toronto bottomed out in the first half at Winnipeg.

The odds are so long against Toronto at Calgary that it sets the stage for a big upset.

You may call me crazy.

OK, you’re crazy. :wink:

Against the Alouettes in Week Eleven in Toronto.


They might have a shot when they play these guys ;D…BUT I wouldn’t bet on it . :stuck_out_tongue:


Als will finally play against a team they’re going to underestimate, and Argos will sneak by. :-o

The last option should have been “this season”, not “ever again”.

I would vote for that option. ;D

They stayed within ten at Calgary, and will host the Skeeters in late September.

Your crazy alright Peter Gun

Going forward the Argos have to play the Esks twice over the next three games, with another game against the Bombers in between.

But then they get to play against the other three East Division teams all in a row; albeit with a trip into the Donut Box on Labour Day.

Their next win will be against the new expansion team in Moncton

The road game vs the Eskies didn’t go to well for them, but they get the return game in Ontario in three weeks.

My team might go O for?

Fingers crossed that they’ll be able to put it together after spending more time at home.

All of a sudden this home game vs the Bombers is slightly less daunting. But only slightly.

…and it was a bummer for the Bombers.