Poll: Who will hand the Stamps their first loss?

The CFL is already down to one remaining undefeated team.

Who is gonna take 'em down?

The Stamps usually take themselves down after announcing they're the best.

I don't think they will remain undefeated, so I say Riders hand them first loss.

Sask. on August 19th though

I'm thinking Ticats.

Wow, every option got a vote before a single team hit five.


I picked the Als because well somebody had to :slight_smile:

It was the Als who did it last season . . . you just never know in football.

It was early too.

Last year it was Edmonton who was the team that remained undefeated the longest.

What a strange season it was for those Eskimos . Win their first 7 games in a row . Celebrate that feat by losing their next 6 games in a row then finish up by winning (including WSF ) their next 6 in a row before bowing out and losing in the the WF . Win 7 , lose 6 , win 6.....Strange , very strange indeed .

Picking Winnipeg - but NOT with The Flash, Chris Streveler.

Win w/ Nichols at the controls. Nichols has to have a way above average game; Mr. Mitchell has to be average or slightly below for bombers to have a more than 55% chance of taking the duke . . . .

Richie Hall defense (if he's still the bomber DC) has to hold Calgary to under 375 yds total offense!

New England Patriots.

I was going to pick the Stamps after all they do beat themselves a lot.

I'm surprised only one person has picked Ottawa. They played Calgary pretty tough on the road, and play them again at home on July 12th.

The lone poster that voted for the Als is gonna be looking really smart if they can pull off the shocker tonight.

Zero times Zero IS ?? Still Zero however next year they may have a shot even if its small.

I went with the Eskimos on Sep. 8, although I really hope that doesn't happen because when was the last time the Stamps lost two in a row (other than possibly when they're coasting at the end of the season)? The following game is against the Ticats, so I'd rather the Stamps not lose the week before.

There is an option missing:

Stamps go undefeated and LOSE the Grey Cup

And wouldn't that be their first loss of the year?

That must be why the folks that picked Ottawa haven't changed their vote yet. 8)

The Riders beat the Stamps in front of soldout Mosaic Stadium Saturday night.