Poll: Who will hand the Eskimos their first loss?

Edmonton is the only remaining undefeated team in the CFL.

Who will be the first team to beat them?

Choices are in order of how their appear on the schedule.

Hamilton this week its do or die for them. All in time. Now or never!!!!!!!!!!!

Edmonton plays well in tiger town. Will be close. Could be the bet of the week????????

Go Eskies Go

20-0 is my vote. Nobody is going to stop this team.

Obviously the odds favour BC but it could be either BC or Winnipeg.

BC sports a superior offense - if they can come up with a plan to keep Reilly under 27 pts. they might have an excellent chance.

Winnipeg is over-powered in every dept. other than place-kicking - BUT they have a unique ability to stick to their opponents like a bad stink. How they do it I don't know - they have an inferior coaching group, swiss cheese secondary, average receivers (some w/ frying pan hands) + poor discipline by 1 or 2 guys on their d-line.


Fake News !!!!! :lol: :slight_smile: :lol:

It won't be the Ticats! :smiley:

Miraacle Mikey showed why he's the top plyer in the CFL. He was having a mope of a game but still managed to snuff out a good (but underpowered) HTC group. Reilly had to take some extra punishment but he upped his position in CFL lore. Mutt Nichols & T Lulu r good CFL QBs but don't have Reilly's skill set & tools!

Thursday 10th of August, on the road in Ottawa.

Reilly sure did up his position in CFL lore as you say Lyle, the guy is a total gamer with a ton of talent.

Austin, well, I don't know about him. Why do the expected run near the end with 4 yards to go when you're playing Reilly and a 3-0 Edmonton team that given enough time, can do exactly what they did, march down the field and win the game. Austin just doesn't have confidence in Collaros it seems to me or had too much overconfidence in the defence to be able to stop Edmonton from a game winning drive.

As I say, Austin, hmmm...

Almost. I meant in Edmonton of coarse. LOL. Close pick but eskies came up big in forth Q.

The Cats surprised the hell outta me.. alas..

Next Friday the moon and stars are in Leo. <-- I just made that up, I have no idea :slight_smile:

Looks like the consensus is that it will be tonight's game.

Although there is a return game in Vancouver, late October.

Now who's it gonna be? :slight_smile:

We'll find out on Labour Day :wink:

...agreed, it's going to be a gooder...

It wasn't the Ticats.

Riders are going to shock Reilly and beat Edmonton, He won't out run them this time, go riders

...the way some of these games are getting reffed...zebras are going to give the schmoes their first loss ;D

Or the Redblacks

Esks are one hurting group right now - winning on a Dixie cup and thread setup. Reilly is basically the Eskimos - plus they have a well-coached and defined defense. If the defense loses another 2 or 3 players they'll start leaking points.

That said - I still project them to be 14-4, 13-5 at worst. The only thing that prevents them relaxing is Calgary also being in hot pursuit - Stamps will no doubt end up anywhere from 12-6 to 14-4. BC should subside in and around 11-7 or 12-6.