Poll: Who Will Hand The Bombers Their First Loss?

The Bombers are the only remaining undefeated team in the entire CFL.

Who will be the first team to trip them up?

The poll is in the order that the teams appear on the schedule.

They’ll win their next two then go on to lose 4 of 5.

They go 5-0 before losing game 1 against the Cats at THF on Friday July 26. Book It !!! 8)

Winnipeg will whale on the Tiger Cats. (Sorry, Hamilton can’t just play Toronto and Montreal all season. They have to play some real teams, too.)

Winnipeg will take their first “L” in week 9 against Calgary. After that, will probably only lose 2 more all year.

The Bombers were impressive last night (until they started to lay down for the ORB’s for a few minutes in the second half).

They are going to need to toughen up their secondary to stay undefeated. Too many wide-open receivers in black with names you never heard of last night. Not sure if Sinopoli went out for pizza during the first quarter and never came back, but BBs did a good job of keeping his name out of the papers.

Winnipeg will also need to improve their discipline and avoid stupid penalties. (Smart penalties are okay, just cut down on the stupid ones.) :wink: I don’t know if the refs are calling games tighter this year, or if this is a normal early-season proliferation of boneheadedness on behalf of all the teams, but it seems like I’ve seen more flags than a Sheldon Cooper podcast in the last four weeks.

I was at that game last night. Redblacks were simply a . Bombers line play was superior in every facet.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the newspapers was the Winnipeg punter essentially recovering his own punt at the one yard line (by knocking it out of bounds off his knee) - What was the Ottawa return guy thinking?? He let the ball sit there for a long time while the Bomber downfield tacklers gathered around. Dumbest play I’ve seen in a long time and a play the virtually lost the game for Ottawa. Incredible. Plus they Ottawa did not challenge the ruling.

Then on the second last play of the game, Ottawa took a knee in order to hand the ball back to Winnipeg on the five. Winnipeg also decided to take a knee rather than punch it in for an extra TD.
Gad - what a mess.

Can anyone explain those two plays??


The Bombers never win in Regina and the Banjo Bowl in the same year… they’re going to lose to the Riders for sure, but they’ll lose before that. I don’t trust Streveler throwing the ball. Knowing the CFL, they’ll probably just lose to the worst team, which appears to be Toronto. Seems to be every year that the best team loses to the last place team… MacBeth will go off for 350 yards or something and they’ll lose to Toronto, then lose their next three, leading everyone in Winnipeg wanting O’Shea fired, then rattle off 4 dominant wins. I’ve come to expect it

Like calling a shut out with a minute to go in a hockey … karma says hold my beer and watch this lol

I loved that punt play!!! Just another of the many ways the CFL has made it cool to be a punter.

Under the rules, on a punt play, the only player on the punting team who can touch or “down” the ball is either the punter, or a player lined up behind the punter. So in theory, the punter can punt the ball, run down the field, and recover it.

In this case, because the ball went out of bounds, it’s the last person to touch it. In this case, the ball bounced off Medlock’s knee before going out of bounds. As the last person to touch it, and the only person legally allowed to on the punting team, Winnipeg ball!

That’s the rules explanation. If you’re asking why in the world the Ottawa returner let that ball wander around unattended? Probably thought the ball was headed out of bounds.

Ottawa taking a knee? Don’t think this is a rule issue. On the play before, it almost became a bench-clearing brawl, and Davis was sandwiched between two of Winnipeg’s biggest and baddest defensive players. Think it was an issue of getting out of there while still alive. Bombers took a knee almost out of respect for Ottawa’s decision. No need to rub it in, these two will see each other again.

I will go with the Cats, they seem to be the only good team they will play in the next 3 weeks…

I agree with Morris re: the reason for taking a pair of knees on the five yard line to end the game. Just never saw it before.

Secondly, regarding the punter recovering his own punt - every Canadian kid knows that rule but not all American imports do. I have seen a “new” American kid try to let a punt be “downed” like they do in the States but the Ottawa punt returner let that thing bounce around on his own two forever. Crazy dumb mistake.

My next door neighbour saw me this morning and his only comment was, “Boy did they deserve to lose.”

Just took knee, because it meant nothing in the standings. East-West game.

Makes sense Rcon, Thks.

Hamilton can only beat the team they’re playing. The fact that they’ve got a bunch of crappy opponents early in the year says nothing about whether or not they’re a good team. The fact that they beat those teams by 50 and 31 points, however, does.

The second Als game was totally a trap game. They’ve got Calgary coming up next week, and a win in that game will silence all those who say they’re no good just because of the schedule.

Toronto, Ottawa, or Hamilton: one of those three if not more will stop Winnipeg.

The Argos didn’t get it done, but will get another crack at it on August 1.

The Blue Bombers might pound Ottawa worse than Toronto; Ottawa will be lucky to score ten points.

I’m saying that the Blue Bombers will get by the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton and the Stampeders in Winnipeg, but will then lose in Week Eleven in Edmonton.


RedBlacks return man Ryan Lankford was let go a few days after that game. He was in his fourth full season in the CFL so his brain cramp on the play was inexplicable.


Bombers are the only complete team in the league. Can’t see tiger-cats beat them with them, as cats are not good coming of a by week.

Simone will be serving his sentence and the Offense for the ticats only shows up for only a part of the game.

Most likely lose to Regina as the Bombers will be over confident by then and the Riders will feel like they just won the grey cup by beating the Bombers.

Well they got past the Rider GadeBlacks with ease. Season sweep. Those who voted for Ottawa ought to change their vote.

Next they have to venture into the deep dark depths of The Hort. The Ticats are the heavy favourite to take down the Bombers, according to our poll tabulations. Of course their odds would decrease drastically, if they can’t get it done at home.