Poll: Who will hand the Bombers their first loss in 2022?

I stand corrected. It was Montreal


I was wrong, you were wrong, 90% of us were wrong. There's not enough correction fluid to go around.

Oh yeah, but the bombers lost, they are now going the wrong way, they’re on their way out.

They’re the best team in the league.


Well to be perfectly honest we WERE perfect. Not any more. We're definitely "on the way out". It may take us another 10 years and 3 more Grey Cups to hit rock bottom but the decline has started. :partying_face:


Going the wrong way and on there way out? I wonder where you put all the others behind them? News for you, they're already in, and I'll still pitch in for the Billboards. FORE!!

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Ummmm, isn’t this a closed poll?

Hey, everyone was perfect in week one.
Don’t get pessimistic. You still are
AMERICA’S TEAM with the nicest and loudest fan base!!!


We're like Team America, World Police!


I was going to respond, but do you have any idea how f***ing busy I am?

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I know, I know. Saving the world by destroying everything takes time. As you were soldier. :grin:

I was going to respond

You just did🙃

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Sorry, SORRY... I'll go out and trim the hedge now.

Maybe you haven’t seen the movie? The line I quoted I consider to be one of the funniest in movie history. Uttered by the Kim Jong-Il puppet.

I rarely watch movies, I'd miss most references to moves....Evel Roy Slade may have been the last movie I watched, other than when my grandchildren take over the TV set, then I watch cartoon movies....
Speaking of which, dropped off the remaining grandchildren with their owners.
Return home to find a run-away mortorhome had slipped off a tow truck and crashed through the second row of trees. Yikes. I may need to get a smudge around my yard for positive energy.

I watch considerably fewer movies than I used to, largely because TV has become better than movies. For 25 years I watched almost no regular TV. That changed when HBO came to Canada. I have always watched sports on TV and that is still what I watch the most.

You sure are having a bad run of luck at your place. Sympathies.

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From last weeks Burning Man to yesterday runaway (train) motorhome, little bit crazy



Seams I'm getting a few homemade movies.