Poll: Who will buy the Alouettes?


Who will buy the Alouettes? A darn good question. Will it be one of the usual suspects, or will it be someone we have yet to hear about?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny voted “other”, because he does not think Bronfman has any interest; and the other groups are not really strong enough in Johnny’s opinion.

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I voted Guzzo.

The CFL wanted him, he seemed gung ho at one point, and I can see him circling back and the league working with him. Can`t see Maciocia as being his deal breaker.

He`s a creative guy and would be accepted by the local media and business community, even those who would prefer Lapointe.

The CFL though will have to give a financial head start to Guzzo, as they would have to for any of the groups.

And lets face it. There will be questions with any of the owners chosen. We wont get a perfect group, hopefully the best possible group.

It appears Starke is out of the running.

We are missing the “No one” option.


Hard to blame him. Over a month gone by and Ambrosie dancing with Guzzo only for Guzzo to pull a 180.

Like I mentioned, it’s not nice to use people like that. I’m anxious to see if Guzzo comes back in the picture. If he does we’ll know the conflict was with Andrew Wetenhall.

Als players cant be too happy. Theyll have to pay for their weed now. No freebies.

Let’s be optimistic! :wink:

Unless someone else comes out of nowhere It’s Vincenzo Guzzo or bust IMO, there is no way Lapointe in good conscience can pitch a high risk low reward venture like this to his clients. Stark is gone.


Or grow it themselves.

Stark “up in smoke?

Good one!

It’s always possible that there are other interested parties who are serious and professional enough to keep their affairs out of the media. If not, the league would at least reach out to see if Lapointe could really put a valid group together or not.

Je vais dire Guzzo parce qu’il semble être le moins enclin à embaucher Maciocia

The Eric Lapointe group is now apparently out.

Interesting that it’s the league telling them they’re no longer involved, which seems like what happened with Starke’s group yesterday. As opposed to these groups dropping out.

I see these as good signs as it look like they’re having advanced discussions with a specific group(s). Otherwise if they we’re in desperate state they would want as many groups in the picture as possible.

It could mean this

Ambrosie: " Eric what’s your ceiling, best offer"

Lapointe: " Five million and you guys pickup the Wetenhall’s debt"

Ambrosie: “Lapointe’s group no longer in the running”.