POLL: Who should start at QB in the last game??


I’ve read all the posts of how Masoli has gotten us all these wins, Zach lost 12 in a row.blah…blah…blah BUT after watching another game with his lack of consistency passing (usually over/under throwing easy passes to open receivers) I have to believe Zach would do wonders in this offence. I don’t understand JJ (or the management) not wanting to give Zach an entire game. By now JJ knows exactly what he has in Masoli. One more game will make no difference in Jones being offered a position next season.
I’ve spoken to a lot of fans who do not frequent theses boards and to a person do not understand how this team won’t give the guy who was once considered an MVP a chance to prove himself under very different circumstances. What is the downside?

Why start Zach? I don't think he will be here next season.
It was reported by Justin Dunk on TSN at the game last night that Collaros actually gets a raise on his already League leading $520K contract to $540K plus bonuses on top of that.
Zach is good, but he will never produce enough to justify those $$

We should start preparing ourselves for Masoli, Manziel and Golson to run June Jones training Camp

Masoli had a very good game last night, his #'s show it

32/46 - 70% - EFF 128.71 - 438yrds, 4TD's , 0 INT's

Masoli's 4th game in a row with 300+ passing yrds,

Over Masoli's last 5 starts the team has averaged over 33 points per game

1 INT in his last 7 starts (215 passes)

His last 4 starts against WPG, CGY, MTL, OTT he is 102/148, 8TD's, 0 INT's

If there was a poll choice of
Whoever Jones wants to start I would choose that option.
Masoli it is though

Word for word, I agree with the preceding comments of Grover and blackandgld, with one exception --
I'm not convinced that Masoli, by his own choosing, will be one of our QBs next season. He'll have choices and I've got to wonder why, other than familiarity, and/or an outstanding money offer, he'd choose to play for a team whose fans, or at least the majority of them it seems, show him no respect and have no appreciation of his accomplishments, and durability, as a Tiger-Cat.

I agree ottawacat, Well said.
I am sure that Masoli likes June Jones as much as June Jones likes him.
Both will re-sign because of that.

I dont think it's the majority negative people just yell louder.if69 percent and 438 yds passing and 0 picks 4 tds can be called inconsistent then no one is going to please them

I agree with both of you.

By far the most responsible decision would be to start Golson. A rare chance to see what he has in game action. Clearly ZC is not gonna be back with the Ticats so there is little to no chance he plays much if at all. And they already know what Masoli brings to the table.

I believe we know the capabilities of both Jeremiah and Zach in 2017. The results dictate who should start. As Jones has said, what has Jeremiah done to dislodge him from being the starter?

Grover. Masonic has shown to be quite good during games but can't finisher end of games when a sustained drive of more than 1- 2 and out, would have sealed the win. His throws last night were fine. He threw up a couple of " scrambles" that were caught but would have been interceptions or pick 6s on a better team. He may have good stats but I am sorry, he is not The Guy. Gotta keep Zack! Masoli as a back up is as far as I'd go for this team. Maybe I'll eat crow next year but I strongly doubt it. Oh an d let's see against WPG- win, CAL- blew the game, MTL- iI could have QB'd that win, OTT- blew the game! Not a great report card but ok!! So getting back on topic, play Zack.

Then why even bother having Zack dressed on sidelines? Golson on sidelines as Masoli's backup should be sufficient. I don't get this mental torturing/humiliation of a once star/franchise player whom has come through a rough patch. Just brutal! Hank's GC victory was sweet and he probably took great satisfaction rubbing it into TiCat wounds!! TiCats that , in his opinion, abandoned him. WELL as they say, if Zack is released,

Regardless of what we think Jones is going to start Masoli and Zac is done in Tiger Town.

Or he could be a bust like his last 12 games and be out of the league in a year like printers . Once he's gone it doesn't matter

We know who will be starting next week for MTL

CFL News?

Kavis Reed already has committed to playing rookies Matthew Shiltz and Antonio Pipkin next Friday - @HerbZurkowsky1 #CFL #AlsMTL
7:42 AM - 28 Oct 2017

Oh, I forgot to add to the Masoli led Offence

had 29 first downs, scored touchdowns on 3/4 red zone trips and was sacked only once on a clearly missed block by Green

Time will tell.

And this

Didier Orméjuste?


Nik Lewis said this was the last game of his career and that he will not play next week. #AlsMTL @CFL
10:33 PM - 27 Oct 2017

They should start taking measurements for his HOF bust while he is there. :slight_smile:


The most responsible decision is to play for the win.

The CFL is still an attendance driven league, its the last HOME game of the season. Who knows how many first time fans are coming to this game, through freebie tickets from STHs or give aways or just "hey, my kids old enough to start suffering through this team like i do"

If there was a game to dick around with it would have been last night's game.

Draft position doesn't matter, "seeing what Golson has" doesn't matter (yet).

Giving the fans something to cheer about in the team's season send off game matters, and it matters a lot. Get out there and win.

(side note, the poll seems to be hugely in favour of Zach starting. Any chance thats because seconds after we were done watching JM struggle to throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield we were treated to Brandon Bridge throwing bullets over the middle in the second game of the double header?)