Poll: Who should be the starting Quarterback?


The preseason is over. Who should be the Als’ starting QB?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny voted Pipkin. He should start, but be on a very short leash. Adams should step in if Pipkin can’t move the offense.

you keep saying vote often but you don’t set it up so we can.



I was going to vote but I don’t see Joe Barnes name up there . ;D


I have thought all along that Adams would ultimately be the starter sooner than later. Still think that whether its game 1 or 4.

But I feel for Hugo Richard. I thought he played really well. But who in their right mind would call a cross field throw into the flat in the last minutes of a tie game when all you need is to improve field position to get a shot at a field goal?. For a rookie QB to throw it at that time. Bizarre and beyond rationalization. I suspect he is #3 to begin season.

On another note I really like the new uniforms. Simple and sharp…the double s.

Don’t be fooled by preseason. Pipkin is still the best shot this team has at winning. Give him the keys for the first half of the season, unless injury strikes. No one will step up if they’re looking over their shoulder worried about being benched if they have a bad half of football.

I voted Pipkin. There might be some growing pains but he has to be given a decent opportunity.

But as I wrote in the game day thread, we need better run blocking and more creativity from Khari Jones no matter who is at QB.

It appears to be a consensus for Pipkin.

I don’t believe that two great throws by Adams against Ottawa’s C defence are sufficient to anoint him as the starter.

But, my cautionary note is, Pipkin was 8 for 17 against Toronto, and then 5 for 10 against Ottawa’s B defence yesterday.

Those numbers do not exactly fill me with a lot of confidence.

Hope he improves as the season progresses.

It’s a joke FYB! :slight_smile:


I voted Adams


It is really close. I don’t think one looked better than the other.

Pipkin was going through his reads a little better.
Adams was getting rid of the ball a little quicker.

Really the performance of the offensive line will impact Pipkin more than Adams. So we are likely to see quite a bit of both.

darn, I really wanted to vote often, sigh

Ce tropic risque d’être d’actualité pour les prochaines semaines.

Adams did some good things. But, he made 2 bad throws that should have been interceptions (one was).

Heureusement pour Antonio Pipkin il aura une semaine de relâche pour se remettre. Heureusement pour Khari Jones il aura une semaine supplémentaire pour évaluer la position de quart-arrière. Reste qu’avec la ligne offensive très mauvaise que nous avons vu hier, le poste de quart pourrait bien aller à celui qui sera le plus à à éviter la pression.

Je doute qu’Adams Jr ait le potentiel d’être un quart #1, voire un quart partant, mais il a quand même réussi à produire plus de verges en 10 minutes que Pipkin en plus de trois quarts.

So, we’re going to judge Pipkin based on one effing game in this gong show of an offense, on this gong show of a team, after a training camp in which the head coach was fired, the O-line is a wreck, and the idiot interim HC/OC refuses to run the ball while calling plays as if we’re still in the retro CFL “vertical” era where plays can take a year to develop? Ok.

Good luck finding anyone to succeed behind center, then. Young QBs are going to have bad games. If you can’t commit to living with those mistakes, you’ll never find that franchise QB.