POll, who is the worst head coach in the CFL?

[i]Time to vote! Who is the worst head coach in the CFL?

The head coach you would never want to play for. The HC who you would never want at the helm for the big game, or any game!

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy: [/i]

Johnny is a real homer. He voted for his HC. :smiley:

Please start a poll asking who's the worst team in the CFL - - I'm really curious to see if Montreal is the unanimous choice.

[i]That would be interesting. But, you cannot fire and replace a team. The HC can be fired. Who knows, maybe the Alouettes owner will grow tired of having a losing team, and when his HC gets voted as the worst, maybe he will act.

Unlikely, but Johnny is not giving up! :cowboy: [/i]

I voted Chris Jones, and not because he is a bad coach, but rather a bad guy.

Things like not shaking the other coaches hand and having his team do warmups during the national anthem. This was all when he was back in Edmonton, but the fact that he could ever do that is pathetic.

He's a douche.

As I've been explaining for several years.

And that's only what you've seen on television.

Ironically, Popp isn’t the worst coach Montreal currently has. That’d be your LB coach - - the guy is absolutely clueless about football.

Well what can I tell ya Johnny but we actually agree on something because I gave old Jimbo my vote as well :smiley: . I'm kinda surprised that M.Oshea hasn't garnered any votes yet and mildly surprised and amused that Austin has garnered 3 votes so far especially when you consider that you yourself didn't even vote for him. :o

I'm thinking of pulling a Johnny myself and start a poll on how many wins those Dirty Bird Als will wind up with this season. Vote early , vote often. :rockin:

I am baffled by how Austin and Jones have so many votes when Popp is on the list. Popp takes more penalties than the average player. His team is both bad and among the most penalized in the league (even discounting the ones he takes). It's not even his first stint as a HC, and he seems to get WORSE every time.

Jones and Austin have won something as coaches in their careers. Popp as a coach is a proven loser. This should be an open and shut case.

At the end of the day, if you're playing pro football, do you want to play for the coach who is a nice guy but costs you games by taking stupid penalties, or a coach who is a dick but can put you in a position to win football games? Most of the time, winning matters at the pro level. That's why they give awards for success and not congeniality.

I know who I would vote for if I had two votes - the two who are in way over their heads. Can't really decide between the two, so I flipped a coin. Ended up going with O'Shea.

Easy one: the man who brought you Michael Sam.

Some will vote based on personal reasons not coaching skill. These people have no clue what a good coach is

Maybe when O' Shea gets fired from WPG he will get hired on as HC in MTL.

Would Wally be the best HC?

I didn't vote for O"Shea because the poll is for worst HC and O"Shea is nowhere near HC calibre.

Popp, for sure. O'Shea might be in the running but Popp has a substantial and terrible body of work as a head coach.

I voted Popp. He is a GM that thinks he is smarter than all the coaches he brings in to fire.

Now guys please understand.

I have said this before. A coach is not supposed to be popular with players, fans or media.

Yes, Chris Jones is a class A jerk. So what ?
All that matters is wins wins and more wins.
That is what Chris Jones does.

Everybody wants coaches to be Mark Trestman or Ken Miller.
That is not reality .

not reality?
Trestman and Miller were REAL coaches, REAL winners and REAL down to earth people liked by players, fans and media alike.

and Jones is not winning with the Riders (thus far anyway)

I think what he's saying is that personable, nice head coaches are the exception rather than the rule. Jones, Austin, and Buono are not teddy bears. But they win and that's all that matters.

Yes, that is what I am saying.

Nice guy or not does not matter.

Trestman and Miller were nice guys and were liked. They won and that is what is important.

Jones is the polar opposite and he has won .

As for the current Rider situation, that will come together.

When I say "not reality " I am saying do not expect coaches to be nice or fun.

Well, he did just beat Ottawa, and he inherited a bad team. Jones is a proven winner elsewhere, we'll have to see what happens with the Riders over time.