Poll: Who is the worst GM in the CFL?


It is time to choose the worst GM in the CFL. The GM who makes bad move after bad move. The GM who built up the worst roster. The GM who you would never trust to rebuild a team.

Yes, the absolute worst GM in the CFL.

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny voted like a homer! He voted for the GM of his own team; clueless Kavis Reed.

Yup, good ole Kavis.

He took an old roster, and made it even older!

He threw away SJ Green.

Cut Bear Woods.

He signed over the hill Darian Durant.

He signed over the hill journeyman national defensive tackles, so he could play 2 internationals on the o-line.

He signed Ernest Jackson to replace SJ Green. Jackson has been a flop! SJ Green has almost double the receiving yards Jackson has!

He fired the head coach and defensive coordinator. He took over the HC job and made the team even WORSE!

He signed Eddy Haskell look alike Drew Willy, and traded Vernon Adams.

He hired sleepy Joe Mack as assistant GM.

Kavis Reed is the worst GM in the CFL! >:(

I would immediately disqualify Kaker Reed. He's just unfit for just about anything in CFL management or coaching.

Of the remaining 8 mopes - I'd identify Porky Jones (Sask'n) & Kyle Walters (Wpg) as questionable stock.

Porky couldn't pull off the quarterback recruitment he wanted - got stuck with serviceable but creaky Old Glenny and almost newcomer Brandon Bridge. His wayward ethics concerning football operations even have a few of the lemmings in the desk fort concerned. But he's a football man with numerous U.S. connections - he's probably earned another year at the market.

Walters is a different kettle of fish. Has to fake a drowsky mid-west accent to fit into U.S. recruiting calls. Brought on a very green ST coach to take over his program (actually Wad Miller's program) and gave him a 5 year get out of jail free card. No QB recruitment skills whatsoever - got really lucky after the Max Hall/Justin Goltz experience went to hell in a hand-basket. Designed a roster with a horrid meek as their MLB; no real monsters (Int or Natl) on their d-line. Weak depth at import WR after Mr. Dressup & Dar Adams went down. Got lucky picking up Matt Nichols when the Esks suddenly got rich in the QB dept. (Reilly & Franklin). Without Nichols this team might be 2-13, certainly no better than 4-11 at this point.

For a Canadian GM (like Wally, Marcel Laurendeau, etc.) his Canadian CIS draft record leaves much to be desired. A horrid group of mopes under his bid paddle. (Jade Etienne, Andy Mulumba, Tyson Pencer, Addison Richards and this year's mope-of-the-year award winner Faith NoSakackaty)

That said, the combination of Nichols, Plop, Mike O'Shea and some decent roster choices have given the bombers a firm hold on 2nd in west - although recent injuries have brought the winds of disaster onto IGF stadium. Bombers could just as easily lost out and have to travel to Edmonton and face the Mike Reilly experience in the western semi.

Even Reilly going against a soft Winnipeg defense at IGF prolly favours the Esks, given the bombers showing severe cracks in their depth after injuries department!

kewlio......so we can vote more then once?!n Exciting stuff dude.......

Johnny - as stated before Reed has been DQd for his crimes against humanity so the real analysis is Porky Reed vs. Kylie Cyrus.

Can't give it toChris Jonescuz he did have one brilliant move this year. He managed to dispose of the high value/low return contract of Darian Durant. In retrospect one of the more brilliant additions by subtraction in league history.

At least not since the Bombers were able to dually excise the contracts of Maggot Mike Kelly and Lyle Bauer on the same day a few years back!

Come on Johnny. I hope and love to see Al's sign big time Reed to a new 5 year deal. Montreal desires time. Fine coach and GM.

Some would say we should throw a bit o shade at Blinky Buono - but as a GM the guy is still serviceable - even at 69. He's got some great personnel - they physically destroyed a decent physical team in the bombers last week.
Got unlucky in losing Tarvis Lulay before his time - and having to rely on a low IQ guy in JJ Jennings.
Wally is no longer viable as a head coach, that's obvious. Keeping Khari Jones around as OC was more a mercy move, nothing more!
Need a complete overhaul of their coaching ranks - plus getting in on the Franklin auction. Either that or they'll end up with a deadbeat like Darian Durant or Max Hall as their #2 QB. OK, maybe Ryan Lindley or Eddy Haskell.

Eddy Haskell. wasn't he a star on leave it to beaver or was it!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no! Kavis Reed deserves to win this one in a landslide!

What are you talking about with Darian Durant? Durant is still under contract and will get all of his money.

If they sign Reed to a 5 year deal, the team will fold in two years...

Yup, leave it to beaver. Haskell and Drew Willy were separated at birth…

Yikes, someone voted for John Hufnagel! Tough crowd...

I erred in putting Reed's name in terms of getting rid of Durant's body and contract. Obviously I meant Chris Jones (have corrected it). Was calling Bingo at my nursing home so hope u can understand.

More than likely just a fan of one of the green teams. ::slight_smile:
Green is the appropriate colour as they are just jealous. :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

Most unanimous poll in the 15 or so years of this forum.

Kavis is finally a winner!

Buono, Wally was my vote :smiley:

I voted for Reed as the worst in the league. I don’t understand how this guy got this job. He had a horrible record as a HC. He may have been a good assistant coach, I have no idea. Did he come cheap? Even the most passive CFL knows, you go as far as your OL, DL and QB, and if you’re truly in a rebuild, don’t get older which they did. He got rid of his best defensive player for snitching, got rid of a pro ready QB in Adams (a project I understand), and signed Drew Willy…Drew Willy? You kidding me?The Willy tradeis the reason Jim Barker got fired in Toronto.
I feel for Montreal fans. I hope for thier sake thier not stuck with this guy for too long.

I am grateful to Montreal for letting Popp go last year. As an Argos fan I feel invigurated after a really tough year last year. Popp and Trestman and given Argo fans hope.

Mais what say the young man is critically forensic, there had to be consequences foundations critically merci.

"Hooked on word salad by Kavis Reed"
(bilingual edition)

Agree with most Huffer has to go and quickly.

Let's not get too down on the flatbillies. I would have a chip on my shoulder too if I cheered for a team that took 100 years to finally overtake notable franchises like Queen's University and the University of Toronto Varsity Blues for Grey Cup victories!