POLL: Who is the worst GM in the CFL?

Yup, time to vote for the worst GM in the CFL.

Nobody on this form qualified to answer. Unless somebody on here has been a GM of a successful pro football team. Watching from the couch ...not so much !

...Your poll is void of any options...but then again :lol: IF you were being truthful and have been following the league closely, you would have to cast an eye over to the esks. right about now. Certainly he is a novice but IF Mr. Hervey keeps making deals as was the case between Ham. and Edm. recently, his career may be short lived. The screw up about announcing their last cuts did not endear himself to the rest of the league or his local fan base either. And Johnny please quit trying to carry on your one-man hatred for Mack. He's gm of the Bombers not the Als. :lol:

At least show some other teams.

I see what you did there.

But he ^ doesn't.

He’s trolling the Bomber site. At least if he was funny!

If only we knew someone who could just delete the thread


cough cough

Joe Galat.

Johnny doesn't know the names of any other GM's in the league it would appear.

worst ever in any league for sure.

By that reasoning, nobody is qualified to talk about player performance unless they're a Hall of Famer. Clearly it's time to shut the forum down!


Not sure about worst GM, but I've got an idea who worst poster is, and there are a few to choose from. Maybe that should be a poll ?

Other than yourself and a few misguided haters, nobody seems to have much of an issue with Hervey prefering to tell his players in person rather that announcing them through the media. Simply put, there was no screw up, only people like you making an issue of what is essentially a non issue. But if you’ve got nothing else, keep flogging this all year if you like. :cowboy:

[i]Joke Mack wins! It's unanimous! He is the worst GM in the CFL.

In recognition of his awful commitment to awfulness, he will be presented with a wooden plaque at the Bomber's next home game (if the trophy guy can get to the stadium through all of the traffic...)

CONGRATS JOKE MACK!!!!!!!!!!![/i]


                       "I am Joe Mack, and my sh*t don't stink"

U got some serious issues dont you? lol... man, im not lol'ing with you tho, im lol'ing at you because you are one sad little pathetic person.

joe macks team just made your team look like a bunch of "b*****"

perhaps due to that, the award should go to JIMMY pop corn and i dont care.. see i can think of uncreative stupid immature little names too.

JIMMY pop corn is pretty lame... :roll: A better name is Snap Crackle and POPP! You need to work on your comebacks buddy!

I don’t know Johnny, after seeing the performance of the new Montreal coaching staff that Jim Popp put together, there might be another GM making a strong run for this title. Tabernac!

It's true that Popp is finished and over the hill OSTI! But at least Popp has 4 GC rings. The only rings Mack has are under his eyes...

Popp has more than that if you include the 3 ring circus of Hawkins, Miller and Old Yeller Calvillo.


just wow.

personal shots against a guy who is more succesful then you are??

thats just... sad

you are one sad pathetic person

Where are the mods and why do they allow this absolute garbage to continue?

There was a reason why i left this site for a long time.. its because of bs like this.

see nothing has changed, perhaps its time to leave again, i hope more people actually follow because, quite frankly.. if this is what passes on these boards as discussions or whatever u wanna call it... This aint worth it.