Poll: Who is the worst CFL GM of the last 20 years?

CFL fans, go back to 2000. In the last 20 years, who is the worst CFL GM?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy choice for Johnny. The man who destroyed the Eskimos and couldn’t win with Ricky Ray in his prime. The one and only, Danny Maciocia.

…where’s Fred Fateri?

Wasn’t he Stampeders CEO? Not GM.

too many names missing

I’ll go off the board and select one Marcel Desjardins circa Hamilton in the mid 2000’s . The guy actually accomplished taking an absolutely totally crappy team and making it worse with one bad move after another .

Last word on Marcel’s tenure with the Cats (actually two words…Rocky and Butler ) . Nuff said . :o :-[

Here’s more on Marcel and his ill fated tenure and stupidity when he was running the ship into the ground in the Hammer .

So your saying that a GM can learn from his mistakes and become a good GM in his 2nd stunt ?

I would throw Ed Hervey into the mix.

Did he learn?

Gifted a generous expansion draft. Hank becomes available year 1. Mediocrity is all that it takes most years for a Grey Cup berth in the east division . (That’s saying something about Hamilton’s Grey Cup drought).

Once the expansion iteration of this team was up, he decided to go Picasso on the roster and especially gamble at the QB position and the team quietly became the CFL’s biggest dumpster fire on the field.

In 6 years, 1 Grey Cup and 2 Grey Cup finals with an expansion team. That is the only thing that matters to me

Ya and the Argos have a ridiculous Grey Cup winning streak going for their last 6 or more appearances despite being almost always a mediocre or terrible football team.

The east division’s mulligan into the Grey Cup is what makes Desjardins look even remotely competent. W & Ls are much more representative.

Well according to rumours, Danny Boy is going to be the new Montreal GM.

Result of poll: Als fans most tortured in the CFL


Despite this mulligan Kavis Reed went a combined 10-30 record with no playoff appearances or even the prospects of making them.

Easy vote for me based on the provided options.

It is a close call. Reed was awful but he had no QB. Maciocia went 26-35 with Ricky Ray and Jason Maasin their Prime at QB!

Start a thread asking that question.

…VP I think, but we’re splitting hairs here…

Didn’t seem to hurt the Carabins

Carabins play in the CIS. The Alouettes play in the CFL. There is a world of difference between the leagues, and the demands of a GM.