Poll : who ends up with the better record ? Mtl or Sask ?

so the poll is simply with 6 games to go each and the Al's sitting at 3 wins and the Riders now at 2 which team will finish off the season better between the two down the stretch and end up with the better record on the season ?

Both have renewed hope recently as the Alouettes have a new Head man running the show in Jacques Chapdelaine who will hopefully offer up some stability to a team that was obviously floundering under Jim Popp and not playing up to potential offensively only having 3 games go over the 20 pt mark all season. Also the Als unlike the Riders still have an outside shot at the playoffs if they can string some wins together and get some outside help.

Montreal (3-9) remaining schedule : Toronto / Edmonton/ @ Calgary / @ Saskatchewan / Calgary / @ Hamilton

Saskatchewan has had a very trying season so far and has had a few near misses in the win column recently but finally got the monkey off their back with their win over the Esks last week. Is this the start of a turn around for them ? can they build off of this victory ? is it possible that the Riders end this season on a high note with renewed optimism for next season ?

Saskatchewan (2-10) remaining schedule : Hamilton / @ Ottawa / @ Toronto / Montreal / B.C. / @ B.C.

I 'll get the ball rolling by saying that I think they both wind up with the same record on the season but that Montreal will avoid a 9th place finish by virtue of winning the point total between the two teams in games played this season.

My prediction is both teams winding up with identical 5-13 records on the season.
Montreal goes 2-4 down the stretch
Saskatchewan goes 3-3 down the stretch

....I agree bobo....it'll be a dead heat for the 1st. pic in 17'... :roll: ..Durant is carrying the riders...Chappy will make a dif. in Mont. BUT no matter how you look at it, both clubs would like to forget the 16' season...

MTL traded their 2017 1st round pick to BC for the rights to QB Vernon Adams.

So it basically looks like the Lions barring a trade are virtually guaranteed no worse than the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 draft , with a possible shot at #1 if the Riders can somehow pass the Als in the standings in points at the end of the season. Looks like "Yoda" Wally is sitting pretty on this one no matter who winds up in the basement this season.

…I’m going with Montreal at 5-13 (with wins against T and E) and Saskatchewan finishing up at 4-14 (with wins against T and M)…

I'm backing SSK to finish higher.

....so they did....the forgotten man Vernon Adams....Still sticking with my take...dead heat :wink:

ouch...so this is what it has come down to. lol

[i]Yeah ouch, FOR US! :cowboy:

Fighting for second to last place with the Jonestown Green Cheats, is a low mark for the Alouettes :frowning: [/i]

If Saskatchewan doesn't finish dead last I'll eat a gopher hole.

I picked Montreal to finish ahead only because I think last weeks win for Sask. was a bit of a one off. They were playing what has to be the worst defence in the league in Edmonton and every team they have ahead of them has a way better defence. I can not believe Benivides is going to keep his job. That D has taken them out of the playoffs little own trying to repeat.

There is still a glimmer MTL’s championships in their defence.
They can hold up their end.
Jacques will get the offence moving enough to beat an unsuspecting TOR, floundering EDM, & sad sack SSK.
SSK will win chicken dinners only.

MTL 6-12
SSK 2-16

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I'll take that bet! My Als have found every conceivable way to lose/self-destruct/be dysfunctional this year.

The Als situation is crazy.

They are 4th in the East.

They have the # 1 D in the East and # 4 D overall in the CFL.

The expression : O sells tickets , but the D wins the game.

That only holds up if the O scores.

If I am a guy on D, I am pissed.

However, I am looking FWD to the " WE BOTH SUCK CHAMPIONSHIP"

The game will be in SSK, so, I will go with the Riders.

…I’m alright…don’tcha…don’tcha worry bout me… :lol: If you want to find that gopher hole you might want to look up Bill Murray… :lol:

Interesting update on this poll as CFL.ca has asked the exact same question in their Weekly Say : A question for every team in week 15 segment.... Scroll down to question #8 to see the results of their poll which currently sits in the Riders favour by a 62% to a 38% margin for more Wins on the season . Interestingly enough this poll has a different margin than the CFL.ca poll with results so far showing as more wins for Montreal at 46% to Saskatchewan's 36% with 18 % saying they both wind up with an equal win total on the season.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/09/27/weekly-say-question-every-team-week-15/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/09/27/weekly-say ... m-week-15/[/url]

With my vote - 28% say they both end up with the same identical records.

I just voted for the Riders.

They have some confidence now.

The pressure of the loss streak is over.

They are just playing with enthusiasm and a lot of fun.

Als are still in turmoil.

[i]Well actually, according to reports from local media, the Als this week had their best week of practice of the season. And, Popp is nowhere near the team. Fresh air for the players.

Johnny is looking forward to the game against the Argosnauts! :rockin: [/i]