poll...which west team will miss the playoffs ????

Okay,enough is enough,as far as I'm concerned as of right now all 4 Turtles that represent the Least Division in NO WAY
should make the playoffs this season,let alone get a home playoff game. It is rather obvious that 4 teams will qualify
from the West this season and one unfortunate western team will miss altogether with a better record than most likely
the top 2 teams in the Least Division combined.So the poll is rather simple really,which team from the West will miss
out and basically get screwed over when it comes to this seasons play-offs ? My vote goes to the Bombers who are having
a tremendous feel good bounce back season,but in an ironic twist will fail to make the post season due to the fact that
they have returned to the Western conference.The crazy thing about this irony is that if they were still in the Least
they'd have a play-off spot all but clinched by now.So vote now and vote often,because as a fan of an Eastern team,I for
one think it's a total joke and makes the league look Mickey Mouse when you look at the standings and see 4 teams with
a combined record of 6 wins and 26 losses,yet 2 of these teams will get into the playoffs and get home field advantage.I
personally hope that this years Grey Cup is between 2 Western teams because frankly no one from the Least as of right
now deserves to be anywhere near the Grey Cup this season.Someone has to finish 1rst this season in the East that's a given,but IMO................
it's farcical to pretend to have a race for a 2nd spot when you have 3 teams with a single win each halfway through the season
and the front runner in the division has only 3 wins :thdn: :oops: :cry: :thdn: Okay rant over !!!! Let's see those votes and
get the debate started on which team will NOT make the play-offs this year in the Western Division and why they won't ? although all 5 teams
deserve to be there based on the season records so far. :cowboy:

As of right now, I'm picking the Lions... 5-4 may be a tough obstacle to overcome in the division... their only saving grace might be in the next two weeks, with the LDC's and rematches between the teams ahead of them in the division... their best bet might be if either Sask or Wpg lose both games.

I think Winnipeg's lack of depth will show down the stretch.

I voted Winnipeg, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was BC or Sask either, although a healthy Lulay could tip their tide.

There hasn't been much inter conference games yet so it really turns into a playoff atmosphere in the West now. Even Edmonton or Calgary could potentially miss because they don't have much of a lead in the division (though unlikely).

This is the order of finish that I posted prior to the season start and I will stick with it making Winnipeg the biggest loser and if this comes to pass, BC the big winner in the "cross-over sweepstakes".


Still going with Edmonton beating BC in the Grey Cup.

These upcoming labour day games will be huge for Edmonton/Calgary and Winnipeg/Sask

If a team sweeps the back to back someone can find themselves in either first, or possibly last.

No doubt that this is a huge week. Unfortunately I have an annual committment on the Labour Day weekend and will have to watch the game on TV. In fact I have never seen a Labour Day Classic (The one and only in Calgary) live. Hopefully we will make it to the annual Labour Day mismatch next week in Edmonton. :cowboy:

I actually believe that barring a total collapse that the Stamps and Eskimos are the two likely teams that are safe when it
comes to this poll. The Riders could be in trouble if Darant is out for an extended period,although Sinseri didn't look all
that bad in relief. I'm thinking that it will comedown to a 2 team race between the Lions and Bombers in the race for the
crossover playoff spot.The only reason though that I'm picking the Bombers to unfortunately wind up last is the fact that
so far they have dined out on the dregs of the East with 5 of their wins coming courtesy of the Cats/Argos/Al's/RB's. The
Lion's fate on the other hand will all depend on their QB situation with Glenn going down,the big question now is....how
will Lulay perform after his lengthy layoff ??

Winnipeg will be in tough. That last half of the schedule is loaded with games with in the west division. CGY, SK we still have 2 games ea to play them. Will be BC and Winnipeg battling for the crossover. In the East, I think the Concordes have a shot :?

I qouls have to agree, they at least have as good a shot as the Rough Riders. :cowboy:

LOL!!!! Yup and don't forget those Renegades :stuck_out_tongue: Go Grapes Go !!!!!! Go Gades Go !!!!!Both of these teams would be
contenders in the Least this year if they still existed :roll: Pretty pathetic to say the least :oops: :cry: :thdn:

The one that gets the most key injuries.


Sure the home & home will be important for WPG, but they just need a split - and I think that is very doable.
It's the following game in BC that will be huge. Win that one and we are 2 wins up and own the tie breaker, which essentially means 3 wins up. That is a big lead at that point of the season.

I agree that the Lion-Bomber game could very well be the key. I don't know if everybody is aware of this or not,but BC
has a current streak dating back to the 1997 season of 17 consecutive seasons in the play-offs.That is an impressive run indeed !! :thup:
but this could be the season that sees the streak finally snapped.The Bombers could go a long way to seeing that finally
happening with a 2nd win over the Leos this season.As for the epic "Banjo Bowl" home and home against the Riders ?
I see a split this season and 2 very competitive games between the two teams this season. :cowboy:

I don't know but they will be from the East. :oops: