Poll: Which Third Place Team Will Win a Playoff Game?

Which road team will win a Divisional Semifinal?

  • The Stamps
  • The Als
  • Both
  • Neither

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…50/50 for both

...50/50 for neither

Don't underestimate Montreal. Even though I think Trevor Harris is the third best quarterback they have Stanback and Lewis and a stout defense. It's enough to beat the Masoli Tiger-Cats.

Not sure how I would have answered if it was Dane Evans however.

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I could easily see Al's knocking out the Ticats


Both teams have a good shot at it. Every team except the Bombers has been inconsistent this year.

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Interesting , are you in anyway related to Patrick Levels ? Just wondering but what do you think about the other 3rd place team the Stamps chances are against the Riders ?

Patrick Levels.... another piece of fruit stolen from the Stamps orchard. The Stamps knock off the Riders for sure.

Stanback doesn't worry me. Everyone talks about how good he is, but they all seem to forget that Hamilton shut him down this year. Averaging 12 carries for 49.5 yards per game against the Ticats.
Let's face it, the only reason the Als have the record they do is that they were the only team in the league who played Ottawa four times. And they LOST one of those.