Poll: Which team will remain winless the longest?

Which will be the last team to win a game?

  • Stamps
  • Elks
  • Leos
  • Riders
  • Bombers
  • Reds
  • Argos
  • Ticats
  • Als

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The Stamps are out of contention here, with a week one win.

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Winnipeg keeps the West rolling.

Halifax Schooners X2

They've been undefeated for a record 42 years and counting .

The Elki-holics win this poll hands down .

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One post two post three post four...

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Ticats lose.

So it's down to the entire East, plus the loser of this Elks-Leos game.

So we now have Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton in contention.

Toronto and Montreal play each other, so one of them will presumably collect their first win.

The others all play undefeated Western teams.

East division will have the longest winless team

The Argos won their first game. So it's just Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal and Edmonton.

All four go up against undefeated teams in week 3.

Now it's between Ottawa, Hamilton and Edmonton.

The Ticats play the Elks on Canada Day.

Edmonton defeated the Ticats. So they're off the schneid.

So that leaves Ottawa and Hamilton.

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Well unless the REDBLACKS can somehow beat the Riders in Mosaic next week it will come down to the Ottawa /Hamilton game on July 16th .


Not necessarily, it could end in a tie.


Who would Vegas favor in an Ottawa-Hamilton showdown?

As of today, no doubt Ottawa. Vegas doesn’t do CFL odds that well in my experience so I think the Canadian based lines are more telling.

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What's the proper terminology for the Canadian lines? Winsor odds?