POLL- Which QB should start in the next 3 games

Imo JM has played well enough to remain #1..everyone on the Zach bandwagon with the let's see what Zach can do in the offensive scheme ..c'mon really!!! he's 0-12 since last season so lets's give him another go!!!! Zach is done period and to compare him to AC if he is traded/dropped is ridiculous!!!!
I am and have been a die hard Ti-Cat fan and I feel that the coaches know what they are doing (or else they wouldn't be there) JM may not be the future but for the time being he is the Face of the Offense.So let the season go on with no major injuries and start looking forward to a well planned off season evaluate, evaluate, evaluate!!!!!! Oski WEE WEE!!!!

Be fair here !" Zack is done period " really ! Has he played one down in a game with Mr Jones and his system ? The Ticats don't want him injured for The Value of his stock going into the off season $$$$

As Jones said in his presser the other day, he's evaluated on how many games the team wins. Jones isn't just "coaching for his job", he's coaching for his next job, which may or may not be in Hamilton, regardless of the current intentions of anyone involved in that decision. If he's looking for a job in the off-season, it's his record that will count, not explanations about "trying to position the team for next year". If he already was under contract for next year, maybe it would be a slightly different story.

And who do you blame for this mess??

Who do I blame for Jones not being locked up for next year? Without being privy to behind-the-scenes conversations, it's impossible to know. If Jones hasn't received an attractive offer to extend his contract, then the blame lies with the people above him who make those decisions. If Jones has received an offer but isn't willing to commit yet, there's not a lot they can do except either wait or make him a more tempting offer (and they should be making contingency plans in any case, as a matter of due diligence).

Have to give Zack some playing time in Montreal and the remaining games. Look at Montreal! They are putting Durant in to start game in Montreal. Why not Zack!!!

The als are playing their 1st string qb and so are the cats.if teams start playing back ups I'm sure Zack will get some time.jj is coaching for a job

I'm not sure the rationale and who is making the ultimate decision here.
I would guess that they have to play to win for fans on both sides.
If Zach plays and he gets hurt - he could be worthless.
If Zach plays and he plays terrible - he could be worthless.
If he plays and lights it up against the worst team in the league then is he anointed number 1 again based on these 3 games and we are in same situation as the beginning of this year?
Is it too much disruption to any momentum going into next year to play Zach?
Do they need to evaluate Masoli - or are they show casing him?
Maybe they already have a deal for Zach in principal with someone?
They extra healing time might be good for him - his knee and his head (inside and out).
Finally, this is only my opinion (fire away) but - Jones has evaluated Zach, his running is not as quick as it used to be, I will argue his arm strength was not great in the first place, nor is his throwing motion and Jones believes Masoli has more upside based on physical capabilities aside from on field results this year. (ok, let the derogatory comments begin!)

If Zach being gone is a sure thing as some posters believe then at the very least give some playing time to Golson and Evans.

My only other point to make is besides the infatuation/speculation of bringing in Manziel, what about Franklin?

And say the Esks favour Franklin over Reilly... Do we sign Reilly as our Rickey Ray?

As poor as our season has been, will probably be the most interesting upcoming off season in memory.