POLL- Which QB should start in the next 3 games

We really have 2 very good QB's right now.
Just the fact they have to compete with each other is a good sign.

IMHO, Only one of these QB's will be in our Training Camp next season.

Although Masoli has played the starter role and has done a good job but with the Ti-Cats out of the playoff picture, this is really a tryout from scratch for next season with three games remaining.

Let all the QB’s get some playing time in, Masoli, Collaros and Golson and lets see what they can do?

This organization needs to see what Collaros can do running June Jones offence. Lots of things have changed (for the better) since Collaros last played. Stronger O-line play, with the additions of Washington and Mathews at the tackle position, better receiver play with the additions of Banks and Chambers and a lot better use of a running game. If Collaros doesn't get to play in these final three games then the team has made their decision on what they are going to do with him in the offseason.

Zach can start, but I want to see Golson too, to find out if he's a keeper or not.

[justify]We absolutely need to find out if ZC can win so an informed decision can be made during the off-season. In today's CFL, more teams are going with a QB tandem as opposed to a clear 1-2 hierarchy. It seems to me we have two quality QBs and should go this same route. I suppose the issue is ZC's contract and if two is in the budget. It might be in ZC's best interest to re-negotiate that contract and re-sign for a few more years at less money, because if he is only 70-80% of what he was, he isn't going to be signed as a FA for what is he making now anyway.[/justify]

I agree, Steve.

We should find out now, before we enter into a trade or release of Zach, exactly what he has to offer.

Apparently, Zach has said that he is NOT interested in a re-negotiation of his contract.

And, for me, the worse part of these situations, to save face, players seem willing to move to a new team where they do sign for less money or to a re-structured contract spreading their salaries out over a longer period of time. What will be, will be?

Drew Edwards makes a compelling case to play Zach, so that the team can resolve things one way or another. I think he makes a pretty compelling case.

It's time for the Ticats to bring Zach back

When the Ticats signed [Collaros] to the big contract extension [in 2016], the consensus was they’d smartly locked up one of the game’s best young talents.

By playing Collaros in the last three games, they have a chance to find out whether that’s still true. It also gives them a chance to see how he plays in Jones’ offensive system – and important consideration if they are thinking of bringing him back to coach next season.

Worst case scenario, it could help stimulate the trade market for Collaros if the Ticats are intent on shedding his contract next season. If they can’t establish his value in what remains of this lost campaign, they run the risk of losing a valuable asset for nothing by releasing him before his sizeable off-season bonus is due in February. Multiple reports have said that Collaros isn’t interested in renegotiating the final year of his contract and considering how things have played out this year, it’s hard to blame him.

If Collaros doesn’t play well, then cutting him loose or trading him looks even more defensible – at least until he comes back to haunt them repeatedly in the years to come (see Calvillo, Anthony.) But if he lights it up the last three weeks, the Ticats have plenty of options.

Zach should get one game of last 3

Would be nice to see Zach play last last game at home to wrap the season. Ya just never know... may be the last time.

Another x-factor is that we don't know whether Collaros has some sort of undisclosed nagging injury that may have affected his performance this year. If that's still the case, putting him in for evaluation may not be as informative as we would hope.

But with Masoli not under contract for next year, the main rationale for keeping Masoli in (more reps to sharpen his ability to execute Jones' offence under live fire) is less compelling.


We have to see what Collaros can do with the supporting cast that Masoli had when he started.

Then, based on those performances, we will know who to keep, or try to sign or trade before next season.

Because if he plays well we could potentially get more in a trade.
He’s not going to be back though. That appears to already be decided. Whether it’s the team that did it or Zach wants out… the ship has sailed

Unless (should he be released), Zach becomes a free agent and there is competition for his services, then his price could go up.

Well Masoli is taking first team reps at practice today which signifies he is starting against MTL

Drew Edwards?Verified account

QB Jeremiah Masoli taking first team reps at #Ticats practice


Sometimes a change of scenery and people, coaches, etc does make all the difference.
As much as everybody likes to harp on this whole Anthony Calvillo thing does anybody think that he would have turned out to the the QB he was if he stayed here? Even if he was a backup behind Danny Mac for a few years he wouldn't have hung around until 2004-05 like DMac did as a backup. More importantly the team became a financial nightmare and AC would have been run out of town numerous times.

Hitting the jackpot on a QB needs a lot of things to go right, not just the arm. Tom Brady would never be who he is if he was drafted by the Browns.

Zach probably blames management for this situation and that fire and motivation could be just what he needs to get his career back on track. There's just a very good chance it wont be here.

Not only that, the story goes that before he made a decision on the fate of Calvillo, Ron Lancaster spoke with Russ Jackson for his input on this. And Russ agreed.

Two championship quarterbacks and hall of famers arrived at the same conclusion.

At that time, a determination hard to argue with.

Danny led this team to a Grey Cup game that first season (1998)and won it next year.

Calvillo didn't get there until 2005

It also didn't hurt that after being Tracy Ham's understudy for a few years, Calvillo had the luxury of handing the ball to Mike Pringle for his first couple of years as the starter.

That's probably closer to the real answer. AC doesn't become AC without those years learning from Tracy Ham.

To Crash's point however, in the hypothetical where Calvillo's development isn't changed at all from backing up Danny Mac instead of Tracy Ham and still grows into the QB that kept the Als afloat, does McManus still stick around for so long? Or do the Cats (being the Cat$ at the time) decide to save a little money at QB a bit earlier?

(at which point AC's career probably takes a death spiral due to lack of pieces around him but even so....)

If we don't see Zach at all the last three games then he is gone for sure as they don't want to risk an injury for the trade deal . That will say we know for sure johnny rehab is coming to town