POLL: Which QB should start against Winnipeg

Which QB should start against Winnipeg

Where is the "I don't care, I just want to win" option?? :smiley:

I trust the coaching staff to make the right decision for us to win.

That way, if we lose, we have 1, maybe 2 QBs and several coaches to blame, instead of looking for bad calls by the referees, the weather, it's Thanksgiving, cold wieners, warm beer, the recent full moon, the announcer, etc.

KEVIN GLEN no Question

Let the coaching staff decide. There are strong arguments both ways. They both bring something to the table the other doesn't. Odds are no more in favour of a Glenn win or a Porter win

Onknight: Stand by for a PM. I will likely be down for the game Monday.

In the meantime here is my take on the upcoming game.....

Glenn starts because he will be motivated to show his old team a thing or two.
Winnipeg's defence will also be motivated to show Glenn a thing or two.
By the end of the second quarter Glenn will have thrown a couple of good passes. Maybe one for a TD. He will also have thrown a couple of balls into the ground when there are wide open receivers. A couple of his passes will also be tipped by Winnipeg's defence.
Half time ........Bombers 14. Tiger Cats 7.
Second half. Porter come in because the offence is bogged down. His running throws Winnipeg's defence off balance. He completes some decent short passes and evens up the score.
Fourth quarter..remains all tied up.
Setta kicks the winning field goal. Hey...I am not driving all that way to watch this team lose!
So that's what will happen.....guaranteed. Take it to the bank .
Y'r welcome.
But after the game the Porter/Glenn debate will continue.
That's just the way it is here.



2 NNs

ps. start porter

I would start Glenn just because he would love to stick it to his old team, and Porter fumbles too much, and didn't put up nearly enough points against Calgary.

If this decision hurts Porter's confidence, he should grow up and realize that the team is bigger than any one player.

Of course the coaching staff will decide. Did you think this poll was going to decide?

It's just a fun little poll that has zero effect on the decision.

Who would YOU start?

my vote is for Boltus (just kidding) I don't like to see anyone get no votes :lol: start Glenn

you never know...
our offensive coaching isnt the greatest, this poll might really help them out lol

oh and it better be KG or im going to be pissed on monday.

I can almost guarantee you it will be Porter

Do what I do: Get pissed anyway. :wink:

I'd prefer KG but I think it'll be QP.

An Argo-cat fan

Someone should tip toe past our top A security team at the stadium and pull a Nancy Kerigan on Porter ...

lol Just kidding .....But Glen should start. START the guy that has the most CFL experience ...

It is time to Sacrifice the young Lamb ....

This was my thinking as well.

I picked QP, but that's because I'm scared of Glenn, he's a pretty good QB, I would know :wink: