Poll: Which one of Manziel, Young or Kaepernick wins CFL MOP


It has been an exciting week! According to hack reporters, forum trolls and "sources", it looks like our beloved CFL will be the new home for Johnny Manziel, Vince Young and Colin Kaepernick.

It's gonna happen! All 3 of these elite franchise saving quarterbacks will play in the CFL.

The question is, which one will be the first to win the CFL Most Outstanding Player award?

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy: [/i]

Imagine 2 of them playing against each other in the grey cup, ratings would be crazy.

Yah Crazy I imagine the 7 to 10 people who are Callme Crapernick , Since Flung and Johnny Medicated Fans will boost ratings that we really are a league of garbage pickers . Laughing stocks like Michael Sam waddling after the QB in slow mo or Ocho Cinco unable to waggle or Dexter Manley focusing on game day is a circus the CFL needs to avoid .

How did that Vince Ferragamo experiment go again ?

Ratings would go up... :cowboy:

You are not even close, it would be huge in America, with these guys playing up here.

Tough poll there Johnny , I mean what if Jonesie signs all 3 ? I mean I guess it would come down to who Corky would choose as his number one guy ? :lol: :roll: :lol:

Completely bogus poll of course based on a completely wrong narrative.

Very few , if anybody has advocated for these signings.

In the case of CK I asked for opinions. I think he maybe a CFL possibility. NOBODY agreed that he would be.

NOBODY thought Manziel or Young are CFL possibilities outside of 1, maybe 2, thinking it may be good for a PR move.

Ratings never went up for any of these disasters and they will never go up for any of these clowns . Please take 5 minutes and do a little research since you did not live thru the ridiculous adventures of Skalbania . It doesn’t work period .

Flutie at his best could not fill the Grey Cup in 92 and had terrible crowds in the 90 's . The Alouettes died because they thought they needed NFL talent and the crowds disappeared instantly .

I take it you guys are CFL novices who just starting watching the CFL . America loves their own brand of football and
could care less about the dog and pony show up here that is fact not some wishful thinking we like to kid ourselves about .

It’s about the game period stop trying to emulate their stars there is no money here for that nonsense . The CFL has a contract with ESPN for one reason so the players here have an audience at home . They use it to attract players north .

It was never meant to be a large money maker and it never will . If they get a few bucks out of it and get all there games televised they will be happy . There is NO large audience coming for our brand they have there brand in College and NFL and that’s about it . We have a few curious people who respect our football but the US of A already have their own 4 down football they love and could care less about the three stooges QB’s listed on the board .

I actually wish we continue to focus on the next Clements , Holloway , Moon , Thiesman , Ray that come out of college and become stars . If anything this league needs more Russ Jacksons to get attention back to Canadian Football and stop looking like a feeder league or we will lose one boat load of fans ( No pun on the argos problem) .

We received more positive attention when they are big here first and then they are big there not the other way around . If you want US attention you need positive attention like a Japanese star going to play MLB it looks a heck of a lot better .

Who are you lecturing Joe? NOBODY has agreed that these guys should be in the CFL outside of 1-2 who like it as a PR move. Or me who does believe CK may be a good fit as a player.

Anybody who believes that any of this is GOOD PR when it's not . It makes the league I love a joke . Probably why I hated Popp the last few years . The CFL history is pretty easy to read and one espouses a complete false hood you should contradict it's faults especially on a CFL forum . It never worked before and actually kills interest here . The opposite effect is true . IT is bad PR . We are not Lindsay Lohan were a pro football league .

When we talk about these never was dumpster players we are downgrading the integrity of the league . The CFL has always looked like a farce not just to any potential fans but the one's like me that  try to defend it's frailties [b]then some twit signs one of these twits and it becomes reinforced  we are bush league . [/b]

The ratings comment was regarding a Grey Cup that included two of the three quarterbacks mentioned. If that were to happen, there absolutely would be a modest spike in ratings south of the border simply out of curiosity. But perhaps you're too much of a CFL "novice" to understand that simple concept.

I have forgotten more than you will ever know about the CFL . Again ; nobody south of the border cares about the QB clowns mentioned or are you too simple for that concept .

Things are a lot different today then it was in the Skalbania days. And I spend time on NFL boards and yes the 3 would make a difference if the played up here.

Manziel because he has inspiration. :wink:

CFL News? @CFL_News 16m16 minutes ago
Johnny Manziel credits girlfriend for 'comeback' inspiration http://nyp.st/2mAZa0a via @nypostsports #CFL #Ticats


None of them will ever win.

Michael Sam will make a comeback in the league and dominate like no one has before. But he will save his best performances for the games when he faces these particular QBs, since they will be the only ones with real talent that he faces all year. He will knock them down on every single play - even when they hand off - and they will not return to the field that season.

The New 3 Stooges !!!............ :smiley: :lol: :lol: :lol: :slight_smile:

Johnny..........................Colin................................. and Vince...............

Good article on NFL free agents... Could open up the poll even more...

[url=http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Football/NFL/2017/03/08/22709229.html]http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Football/NFL ... 09229.html[/url]

I was following Kaepernick exploits as of late. He didn't stand for the anthem because he was protesting "racial profiling" in the U.S.

Every high profile celebrity must protest when they see something not right. They must speak up. I don't blame him for something that seems so real down south. He lost his career but he did speak up for people that couldn't.

He will not get back into the NFL, they shut the door on him, it seems. His highlight tape looks impressive. Could he be a fit for a team in the CFL with his skill set ?


No one wants this clown here.
Even though I do not watch the No Funners, I am told by those who do his skills have diminished big time.