POLL: which excuse will Ticat fans use to explain the loss

[i]OOHHH! Well now that the Ticats have lost a second game to the Redblacks, and first place in the process, the excuses will soon follow.
Because when the Ticats lose, it is never their fault, or because the other team was better. Nope, it's always external factors that interfere with their winning ways...
So, which excuse will Ticat fans use to explain this loss?


at least we dont whine that ticats lose on purpose,,right ?,,,(please check johnny's preious posts)

haha climie all crybaby,,cuz ozzys 54 yarder in 98 cost jockstrap a ring,,waaaaahhhhh

I would have added another reason they lost was because the Dog Ate My Homework!!

or maybe the TIME DIFFERENCE since puddycat fans are on another planet!!

I voted for option #6(none of the above).......The Ti-Cats gave it their all yesterday but were defeated by the better team. Congrats to the REDBLACKS and their fan base on a well deserved victory. Oh and to all the posters in here that have done nothing but b!tch and complain all season about how lousy the games have been, let's see ya all post about how dull and drab this contest was. If there was another poll about what was the best and most exciting game of the year was.....Hands down this game would get my vote. So no excuses from this corner just congratulations to those REDBLACKS and hopefully if the Cats can get by those Argos we will see you again in 2 weeks time in the EF for round three. :smiley:
As for Johnny and his climaxes..........Wellll the less said the better on that one Johnny, enjoy the off season Buddy and just a hunch but ya better get used to living in the basement of the Eastern conference because I have a feeling that you and yer Dirty Birds will be there for a while :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thanks for the post! :thup:

I agree this game has it all ....... and for fans like us that have never seen a winning season due to non-football decisions, this has been one GREAT RIDE AND Hopefully won't get off until we get to Winnipeg :wink:

I'll give you a pass on this one, being your first time experiencing first place its understandable not knowing how to celebrate.

If i may suggest something, if you find yourself agreeing with Johnny Bedwetter rethink your position


I don’t think there are any excuses, it was a good game, Hamilton had chances, they made their own breaks, won some and lost some. Yesterday was Ottawa’s day.

^^^This. ^^^

It may be for the best. Argos in Hamilton next weekend will be awesome. Then, an ECF in Ottawa, will be amazing - please God, let there be snow. :thup: Then, once it snows, let Ottawa wear their black uniforms - that would be as close to heaven as we will find on this earth. :thup:

You can only vote once Johnny :cowboy:

I think the fact we don't have a number 1 calibre QB is a huge. Don't pretend you were playing against Zach Collaros out there, you were playing against a freakin' fourth stringer out there. You may as well been playing Saskatchewan out there....

As for Johnny all troll and troll...

I have seen that scene on the tube, I think. What is it from

Congratulations to the the Alouettes for not finishing last.

There is no question, no matter what happens at this point. Anyone asking about this season in regards to the Ti-Cats will ask. What would have happened if Collaros was healthy? It is sadly a question we will never know the answer to.

Regardless of that though, hopefully it's a good one and the Ti-Cats defense can find itself again.

Don't feed the troll and he will starve for attention and eventually seek it elsewhere.

There may have been better and regardless the outcome, that was the best CFL game I've seen this year. I agree with Bobo, it sure was fun to watch.

It truly was!

One of the few I've watched start to finish. A highly entertaining game.

The thumbs-down guy is the emperor Commodus from the movie Gladiator. He's directing the protagonist to execute a defeated opponent.