Poll : Where Should Flabby Jr Be Sent?

Seems we were sold a Bill Of Goods…

We were told by the Usual Suspects (are they ever right?) that Flabby Jr was the next Babe Ruth. That he was the “Can’t Miss Kid”.

Turns out the only things he can’t miss is a HAPPY MEAL.

After tonight, Flabby Junior is 3 for 18 - he would be 2 for 18 if the Official Scorer hadn’t taken pity on him. He can’t run - on the rare occasion he gets on base, they have someone run for him. He also had his first error tonight - expect many more.


Should Flabby Junior be sent to Buffalo / AAA Ball?

Perhaps Single A ball in Lansing?

Or, better yet, retire and spend the rest of his young life on the couch with a plate of food near by?

What do you think?

A ball in Lansing might work if he can dance

OTOH, if this guy is a BlueJay and is not doing well, then he should stay right where he is.


Don't forget to vote!

you don't have my choice there :slight_smile:

Can he block? The Argos might be able to use him on the O-line.

Chubby is finding it hard to turn on MLB pitches. His fat belly gets in the way. He will eat himself out of baseball.

That is 100 % true. The pitchers know he cannot get to the pitches in the bottom left of the strike zone because of his belly. Almost EVERY pitch goes there.

Love it !!!

The guy has talent and could potentially make millions as an MLB player. You would think he would have the motivation to train and eat properly to stay in shape. But, he doesn't... :o

The problem is, everything, at every level until now, has come easy…

He was chubby in A ball, in Dunedin, in AAA ball, but it didn’t slow him down. He was always great.

Finally, he has gotten to a level where you can’t be 70 lbs overweight and excel. Now it is up to him to lose it - which is NEVER easy. Believe me, I know. :wink:

Good point Kevin. He will have to change his ways quickly, or he will fail.

Sure would be a shame if he failed. :wink:

News from Rogers is they located Richard Simmons and he is on his way to Toronto as we speak .

He will be sweating to the oldies soon enough .


Blue Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won’t be in lineup Thursday vs. Angels


Looking at that video, there was a slight tremor when Chubby Vladdy hit the ground after his dive...

Maybe he hurt himself after causing that tremor and that’s why he’s out. After all, to require a day off after only playing 5 games is strange.

Where are all the members of the Flabby Jr fan club?

so that’s why my chandeliers shook so much.

Who has a bigger rear end? Kim Kardashian or Chubby Vladdy?

He can't even hit his weight! :slight_smile:

LOL. My laugh for the day. :slight_smile:

Wonder if the jays will hire Jenny Craig as a member of the coaching staff?