Poll : What Will The CFL Look Like In 20 Years?

Poll : What Will The CFL Look Like In 20 Years?

  1. The League will have folded;
  2. It will be mostly a Western League with no teams in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver;
  3. The same as today - the same 9 teams;
  4. 10 teams including today's 9 teams plus a team in the Maritimes;
  5. More than 10 teams

I'm thinking there will only be 4 teams. Tor, BC, Mont and Edm. The other six teams will have given them all their players.


Just curious. Who voted "Mostly a Western League"?

For the most part I'd say the CFL is what it always was and will always continue to be.

As far as the membership, I could see maybe a nine team league with a team in the Maritimes instead of Toronto, who imho will have an NFL team shoehorned into their city whether they want one or not.

I canNOT see TSN allowing Toronto to go away. If there is a CFL 20 years from now, it will either be an All Western League or 10 teams - including Toronto.

My guess : the latter.

Why do you keep saying that?

You really think JM should have been made to ride the bench?

I vote that

The CFL will be a league of NFL rejects and has beens….all 40 and over

I vote for same as now plus the 1 Maritime team, oh, and Sask. Having 15 Cup wins.

I think Halifax will enter, and succeed.

I'm more curious what the game will look like. Hopefully we'll have figured out how to adapt to the concussion issue by then.

In theory, an NFL team that relocated to Toronto would be smart to purchase the Argos' name, history and likeness from the current ownership; treating it as a continuation of the franchise.

If an NFL team came to Toronto, and I don't think one will, they would likely be responsible for ensuring the Argos survive.

Curious who the four posters were who thought either :

A) The League will fold;
B) It will be a Western League.

Is there a way to find out?

I heard that the NFL was coming to Toronto 20 years ago, heck I heard it 40 years ago. Time to bury that dead horse!


Not a popular topic obviously.

But realistic 20 year prognostication, imo.

Huh? You lost me.

How so?

The thread is asking us to speculate what the FB landscape will look like in Canada 20 years out, and I opine that the NFL will muscle their way into Toronto, after they get done shoehorning a team into London (England, not Ontario).

Now it's entirely possible that the team will fail before the 20 years is up, I suppose. But it is my prognostication that they will give it a go.

Fair enough.

Not sure how they fix the big three . Those cities are important for Lynch pin corporate support .

As far as Toronto getting an NFL team it's definitely game over for CFL in Toronto .

It would be game over for the CFL as it exists today that's a certainty . There will be no corporate support to sustain the loss of revenue . The Canadian market is not big enough for the NFL elephant and the CFL's current revenue stream.

My belief is they will try to bring the CFL into 2020 to modernize it and reframe it to suit a particular audience . Not sure that audience will include me but it will either determine long term success or absolute failure .

In 2004 I thought this was the end . From out of nowhere seemingly (Howard Cosell impression here ) came owners for the Cats and Argos and the CFL lived on

The CFL has escaped doom for so long and fails to capitalize or realize they need to protect assets during negotiations for simple things like lease rights . Needed to have exclusive rights to all football at the Skydome against Rogers Bills series .
This killed all the goodwill by C and S that rebuilt an audience in Toronto .

I want it to live on but without leadership that pulls this league as one entity and away from fiefdoms it will always be on the verge of collapse from within .

You need a brand seller who knows that your product needs exposure and needs multiple avenues of growth that can take a dime and make a dollar .

Well said, Hank. I especially like the 2nd last paragraph that mentions fiefdoms. Now that I read it over, that paragraph can have two different meanings. Do you want leadership to pull as one entity or not ? I can take it both ways depending on how I read it !

Our commish is pretty silent while all this charity work has been happening.

Even if the NFL came to Tor, I will still watch the CFL or the CIS. It's our rules that make this an exciting game.

Yes could be double meaning in one that I want the leagues revenue stream to be more conducive to one larger pot where they can invest more and get more in return .

But not in terms of the competitive talent pool area . Do not like the redistribution of players like the Ray trade .

I like the idea of a cap for some things but not in terms of building a better team .
The teams should spend as much as they can on scouting , try outs and spring camps . No cap on that aspect .

I like your last paragraph for your loyalty but with the NFL in Toronto I see a domino effect first the CFL and then the CIS no longer playing three down football . Maybe a different version will crop it's head up of the CFL but there just so much money to go around and the corporate money will be sucked dry by the NFL elephant .

The CFL to last the next 20 years rests in Toronto ( BC and Montreal will follow) and right now the CFL is analyzing the best options to gain and sustain growth in revenue . Anywhere else in the CFL the Argos would be gone by now . This is the last fight for survival . I think the CFL can win but it needs to change back to the old CFL for time of games . Then take a page out out of the book and create a new play off structure that no longer has phony championship match ups to create a real buzz for the team when it actually wins the big one . The Grey Cup wins are actually working out to be the opposite result you want right now for bums in the seats .
It's as plain as day .