POLL: What will council do now that the team's moving...?

Here are a few predictable options that I could see the forward-thinking council and their anti-Cat allies act upon in the coming days. Which one do you think is the most likely response?

Obviously this is a ridiculous poll. Not serious.

Here is a serious answer to the question you posed

What will council do now that the team's moving...?

The motion to investigate Confederation Park
has to be voted on again by council on Jan 12th

The hard line naysayers like Collins
and Powers won't vote YES though.

They will never vote for a motion that might lead
to the stadium being built at Confederation Park.

Many complained on Dec. 22nd that they wouldn't
have enough time to gather enough information

to make a well-informed decision back then,
but on the 12th they will have even less info

than they would if city staff had
been on the file since Dec 22nd.

Some naysayers are "between a rock and a hard place"
in the meat-grinder again with inadequate information

probably still doubting Bob will really live.

It only takes two of them to change their vote,

so enough councillors will likely vote YES
for an evaluation to be done this time.

It is not like they are voting to accept
Confederation park as the stadium site.

That will be something for a later day
if time doesn't run out on this affair.

You guys have to be kidding. Seven months , two mayors, two city councils, 3 sites and three extensions later, Hamilton doesn't even have a site, a plan, a budget, ANYTHING ! This thing is DEAD... There is no doubt in my mind that the Ticats are alligning themselves with another municipality.

I believe it will take 3 votes to change because Brian McHattie wasn’t there for the vote and you know how he would have voted.

One more for the bad guys.

Why change the vote? I just hope the council doesn't change their vote now.
Building the stadium in Aldershot is the best thing for the team and the fans!!

Let the council get on with other council business and put this Pan Am thing to bed.

Yes, maybe for the Cats but no way for the city. This should be in Hamilton, end of story. Forget about Condeferation PArk - see if the Cats are onside at Speedway Park site - once again if yes - you may get council to accept this site.

Why is it bad for hamilton?
The stadium and the team will be next to Hamilton, virtually within walking distance and the taxpayers of Hamilton don't have to contribute a dime. This is a win win situation, us fans, the team and the city of Hamilton and the region of Burlington/Oakville - just think of the fans from outside of Hamilton that would never dream of attending a game at IWS.

Most of council has proven they could care less about the Tigercats.
Council is a lost cause. Lost Grey Cup revenue,lost stadium construction employment,lost out of city money being spent in the City,lost everything.
Maybe they will vote to construct a bike lane out to Aldershot!

You are so right but in the end who do you blame - the counillors or the fools who elect them. The problem with this city is the "do nothing" mentality - so here we are again - doing nothing and missing out on another golden opportunity. For the people of this city - start voting for people who can make a difference and for federal and provincial elections - vote red or blue because orange is a wasted vote if you want any money in this city.

well there ya go. Thats what hamilton voters are doing wrong. Supposed to be voting for people, not colors. :wink:

Not bad for Hamilton at all. For a Grey Cup people will still be staying in a Hamilton hotel or two, not that there are that many. What will be interesting is where will the "downtown" festivities be? All in Hamilton, all in Burlington or half and half?

Why would any festivities be in Hamilton???

They will all be in Burlington for the Burlington Tiger-Cats.

Council blew this. It’s on them and them alone.

If they do indeed move to Burlington, then all of the festivities should go there aswell. Why should a city who gave the middle finger to the CFL benefit come Grey Cup time?

True enough guys. The Red Rooster will be hopping!

I suspect that Council will do.... nothing.

I wouldn't put it pass council to salt the earth so to speak and say "Fine, an 8-10 thousand seater is fine at the West Harbour Host Co." That would be a tragedy, but I wouldn't put it past them.

They can say that all they want, but no chance Hostco agrees to it.

No Tiger-Cats, no money.

Bah, bye.

Hopefully Hostco extends the funding for the PanAm stadium to Aldershot. I think this is a must if the Aldershot stadium will get built. The City of Burlington and Region of Halton must also be willing to contribute as well for this to be successful. It's anyone's guess as to if both of these can/will happen prior to January 31.

That's just it Hendy. Host co already said that they will build a stadium at the West Harbour, but it wouldn't be a 15,000 seater there if the Ti-Cats weren't involved. Ian Troop said his organization still has obligations to deal with Hamilton, noting the city has not said no to a stadium yet.

Heck, I'd almost go as far as to say saying "We'll take the smaller stadium, re-mediate the land, use it as a soccer academy and work towards a USL/NASL or MLS franchise for a couple of years and if it doesn't pan out, bulldoze it for more development.

Quite the polititcal game being waged over HOSTCO and it's committments