Poll : What, me worry?

CFL fans worry like no other! It's the tie that binds. It's like Damian Cox once said (paraphrasing), "When CFL fans no longer have to worry about the health of the League, what will they do with all their time?"

If CFL fans are not worried about attendance, they're worried about TV ratings. If they're not worried about TV ratings, they worry about cord cutting. If they're not worried about cord cutting.... well, you get the point.

In the mean time, 8 out of 9 CFL teams are profitable, the team that loses money has BCE as an owner, our TV ratings are terrific (even against the popular Jays), our TV demographics are on the rise and the CFL is in the best shape it's been in in 40 years.

So, for all those CFL nuts who worry themselves sick about everything, I have to ask :

"Do you worry the Sun will turn into a Bran Muffin, tomorrow?"

Please vote accordingly...

i can honestly say that im not worried about anything league related. what i am, however, is constantly conjuring ways for the league to get into every potential household and ambitiously seeking a tenth team. that should be part of the CFL's vision/plan for the next decade, to launch in a new market because the exposure and growth(back into former territory) will eventually plateau. What do we do from there? Can we just stay the course? Will we open up bidding for tv rights? will we get enough tv money to make the 10th-12th teams more than viable?

the CFL is in a favourable upswing for sure, i just dont ever want it to come down :slight_smile:

As long as the Sun doesn't become a cranberry muffin, I'll sleep easy at night.....they're gross!!!

There are a lot of ways the league can improve, beginning with officiating and video review, however neither of those is going to lead to the demise of the league. Baseball has had a strike zone that no one has ever used to call balls and strikes, figure skating officials are corrupt bitter failed skaters who judge an entire career instead of the performance in front of them, soccer officials routinely reward those who give the very best impression of Greg Louganis, cricket is just plain corrupt from the bottom up and all those sports are doing fine. I'm sure the CFL will survive just fine.

I worry sometime the sun may turn into a blueberry muffin. How did you know?

Put down the crack pipe.
Since 2010 more than one in every 4 fans has walked away from the league. In that same time frame thr CFL has gone from the number 2 TV sports property, to the number 4 position.
The numbers simply do not lie. The league averaged 874000 fans per game in 2010. Last season they averaged 600000k.
In 2010 the Lions were pulling in over 30k. Now they do 15
In 2010 the Esks and Stampeders both averaged over 30k. Now despite winning back tio back championships, they are both well under 30k
The Bombers numbers are down
The Argos numbers are just as bad
Montreal added 5000 seats ,and failed to sell out even once. They have reduced capacity ,and still fail to sell out.
It would be nice to live in a fantasyland like Kevin Riley, but the CFL has completely squandered what should have been a golden age for the league with all of these new stadiums ,and a TV contract so large that it practically covers all of the player's salaries.

And there goes bungle, like a junkie to a crack pipe. Everything's wrong with the CFL, no one ran any decisioins through bungle first, doesn't the league and teams brass know that the all seeing bungle has the final say!!!

Well... One can easily surmise that had the CFL made some big boy decisions back around 2010 like investing in a real video game, and paying their players as full time employees, and putting the Argos into BMO( and not dicking around for 5 more years) that the league could be in a substancially better place.
We could have a 30000 average across the league, with a million viewers each game.
That sounds pie in the sky now, but we were well on our way to just that with a 28000 average, and TV ratings only 125k shy of a million.

Ok well let’s look at that, apparently the video game issue is being announced late this season as the Commish at last years Grey Cup said wait till next Christmas for it!!! The League doesn’t control the Teams, the owners do, so getting the Argos into BMO took longer than expected, but it’s done. Sure we could average 30k in attendance per game but 28k isn’t bad. TV ratings are good and will get better, with better scheduling. So in reality things are actually in good shape bungle. Could it be better, sure, you might wan’t to start with getting rid of that cloud that follows you around, and let the people who actually get paid to make these decisions do their jobs.

The. CFL is nowhere near 28k now. We are spiraling down to around what Tim Hortons holds.
5 years ago,people laughed when the capacity was announced

You're hilarious bungle, again I don't care if it's 20k, you're part of the problem!!!! That's what you don't get!!!

Amen, brother.

VC is right, Bungle. You can't always look at the League as half empty - or as you look at it : 90% empty. When you do, it takes away from your enjoyment of the CFL - believe me, I know.

A friend, who is a long time supporter of the CFL, said to me (paraphrasing), [i]"I never worry about the CFL because :

  1. I'm doing my part and the rest is out of my control;
  2. If I worry when times are good, when will I enjoy the League?"[/i]

He's right. I need to learn from him.

Mr. Riley your friend is correct!!! Are we allowed to criticize the CFL, damn straight. But when all one does is criticize the CFL, doesn't attend games, then he needs to be called out for what he is.

To his credit, Bungle cares. I just think he is so consumed with anxiety about the CFL, he is missing the positives. Nothing we can do about it. It’s his loss.

I think there are two parts to it, both of which are pretty normal.

a) expecting a quick fix.
b) Staring at the highest bar.

a) Attendance looked terrible in Toronto last week, granted on a weeknight with transportation issues due to other events. On the other hand, the Argos apparently doubled their season ticket base. While we may have had vision of constant sellouts, they're not realistic. But ultimately, progress was made. This stuff takes time.

b) Constantly referencing 2010. Consider the possibility that IT was the exception. Of course set your sights high, but not reaching them doesn't mean you're circling the drain, either. There's plenty of middle ground. It's not A+ and every other grade sucks.


We are 2 games into their first season at BMO and the team is inevitably going to fold because of 1 low attendance. More wrong with the Argos than attendance and it took them more than 2 home games, even more than 2 seasons, to sink to the depths they sit at now so it will take time to fix the problems. People have no patience anymore, it's the nature of our instant gratification society.

Well said!!! :thup:

How many season tickets do you have?


I hate David Braley with a very deep passion and thus refuse to go other than once a year when tha Bombers show up.
I did drive to Winnipeg with my dad to see a game at the new IGF, back in 13. Max fuckin Hall really shit the bed that day. I honestly cant even remember who they lost to.
I went to the Labour Day game last year at McMahon and have also seen games at Commonwealth, Tempire, CanadInns, Taylor Feild and the Crap Dome in TO. I have also been to the pathetic HOF in Hamilton.
So to answer your question more to the point. I have 0 season tickets

You're a good guy, Mr B. but based on all your lecturing, I was sure you were a Season Ticket holder for at least 1 team. If you are only attending one game a year, you might want to lessen the Holier Than Thou posting. :wink: