POLL: What are the biggest reason(s) for not attending ELKS games this season?

Since there's such a huge decline in attendance since early last season. I'd like to know why one has stopped going to the games. Personally, I've attended them all.
Please give your BIGGEST reason(s) for not attending ELKS games this season and last? You can pick up to 2 options max. ELKS fans only please.

  • Cost of Tickets/Concession Prices
  • Name Change to ELKS - Lost my support to attend
  • Lousy play of the team
  • Game Day Experience sucks
  • Just prefer to watch at home
  • Other , Please specify in the comment section below

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Go woke...go broke


Interested to see the reasons but I'm not going to vote as I think I've been to two Eskimos games in person in my life.

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Went to the labour day rematch about 14 years ago and there 50,000 in the stands. Went on Saturday and there was half that amount (maybe).

But tell me again CFL office how great things are going again…. :upside_down_face:

That’s two more than me!!

I don’t think lousy attendance has much of anything to do with the name change…I think it’s Edmonton fans have suffered from a no-competitive team for too long and the fans are letting mgmt know that with their wallets…


I'm thinking the same but I've had some say that the name change was the reason. I created this poll to find out .

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As also a pollster here at times, I admire how you set this up and your style. It's a tight race now, so may this thread and all the banter endure.

Vote early and often everybody!

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Thanks, I have the poll on CFL Reddit as well. I'd question the accuracy of these polls especially when Anyone can vote on them. I ask for ELKS FANS ONLY but who really knows who's voting.


I am too old now. I was a season ticket fan for over 25 years.

I drive a 2004 Saturn ION, I live 1223 miles from Edmonton and my passport has lapsed.

I live in Blackfalds and work outta town....I was on days off this last weekend but it was a Bye week....lol I certainly do miss the live games, watching it in the pub with no sound doesn't work at all.... I was disappointed with the name change but, I'm over it and just want to watch some good football...GOELKSGO!!!!!