[Poll] Week 12 Toronto @ B.C.

The last two weeks, playing arguably the best team in the CFL, they barely won one and the barely lost the other. Still pretty steady for a team that looked like it was going south in a very quick way. Now if you ask me, Toronto is not as bad as a team that their record indicates. They've looked good in losing some games that they could have won.

That being said, it is in Vancouver, the crowds seem to be really behind the Lions and the way the Lions have played as of late, it is hard to pick Toronto as the winner. Still the Lions are unpredictable but Toronto has found more ways to lose than the Lions.

So, I'm going with B.C. by more than 10 points.

*The poll will be up till this Friday.

It’ll be a rather one sided win. The Good Ship Argonaut is in a bad way…

I'm conservative on this one, I would like to see a blow out on this game, but I'm not quite sure. The Lions had better win to solidify a cross over at least. And I don't want to hear about getting burned on kick/punt returns by Dorsey should he play... but I'm sure the Lion's special teams are aware of that, right!

Lions should win.

The problem with the Lions will be whether they play to the level of the Argos. Seems as though the Lions play a good team and compete and play a crappy team and stink the joint out.

Lions should win this one but wouldn't surprise me if it's a nailbiter

Apparently Jackson is injured and Pierce will start.

May get closer than we think with a "Rusty" Pierce.

I just read that Jackson is out for season.

Go Buck go! Play smart, don’t get hurt again, and bring us home a victory. Give me a reason to wear that replica jersey of your’s, that so far I have not had much of an excuse to wear. I was hoping more from you this year, now’s yer chance to shine, and against a tough Argo defence. :rockin:


Its true about JJ. Buck'll be fine if he gets protection and learns to duck/cover.

WTF happened?

CKNW is reporting he is done for the season. His MRI today showed a torn rotator cuff. Was also posted at riderfans.com.

Since then correction was made that he would be out 3-5 weeks.

.....3-5....with that type of injury to your qb., is being conservative .......Bucky better stay healthy or the leos could be left scambling just like the Bombers at the pivot spot.....The CFL can sure change quickly in a short period...Wally could get on the blower to Printers and bring him in....I know some lion fans will be a little concerned with that move though...will it help??? Things are getting interesting... :roll:

I'm looking for the Lions to crush the Argos. B.C. should have won that game against Montreal last week but for the brain cramp a certain player had. lol

If they don't have to scrape Bucky off the field during the game and he is on his game we'll do just fine. No doubt, Toronto will be do some "head" hunting this game- not in a deliberate attempt to injure him but certainly to increase their QB sack quota.

I'm hoping Mallet burns up the field and Ian Smart adds to the game. We are seeing some vintage Simon and Whyte certain can help when it comes to field position.

Can't waitt for the game.

By the way as an aside:

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