[Poll] Week 11 B.C. @ Montreal

OK, I still put in B.C. getting humiliated because one game does not solve B.C.'s problems. Plus, beating Montreal in Vancouver is not the same as beating the Alouettes in Montreal. Lets also not forget that Montreal will have had a whole week to make adjustments.

With that I'll vote that they'll lose, but not humiliated.

*I did the poll right this time and the poll will be up for 6 days starting on Sunday.

Another good game coming up and another 2 points for the Lions!

Lions will do well. Roar you lions roar!

A very pi$$ed off Montreal team, buoyed by the bad officialls call last game unfortunately is going to stomp the Lions into the turf. Coburne is going to run past Gibbs and Hunt like they are the Orange Pylons we saw against Winnipeg. Calvillo will take the last loss personally, and shred George, Toney, Phillips and Swampy ( I mean Marsh) , like the bedding for a hamster cage. Jackson will be running for his life, and we will probably see a QB change at halftime, just so they can get the 10 pounds of turf out of Jarious uniform and replace the divets on the field made from his body.

Don't get me wrong I love the Lions, live and die with them, been a Leos fan since the early 60's but honestly this one is gonna hurt.

I only hope I'm wrong.