Poll : To Call Or Not To Call, That Is The Question

You haven’t seen an acquaintance in over a decade. Then, one night, you have a dream where something bad happens to them. You wake up and it bothers you, but you realize dreams are silly and mean nothing. You also realize, if you call to warn the person, it is going to sound stupid and you will embarrass yourself.

Question :

Do you call and tell them you had a “bad dream” about them, and they need to be careful, or do you let it go?

Johnny says no. Most dreams don’t come true.

Fair enough. :slight_smile: Don’t forget to vote. :slight_smile:

Already voted!

If you do call, may as well call a shrink as well and book an appt at the same time. :-* Ok, maybe not a shrink, a psychologist will probably do the trick.