Poll: Thoughts on Canadian player requirements

I agree..
Thinking about receivers

Sinopoli only got a shot at receiver after he was grabbed to catch some balls for a QB hopeful trying out in Calgary. He was just working out, available at the moment, and Hufnagel and DD looked at one another and said holy crap. Up until then he was a Can QB on his way to a scrap heap. Just a fluke and no one would have ever heard of him.

No need to bring up Fantuz, Getzlaf

Shawn Gore in BC IMO would get 1000 easy if he was featured more
Akheem Foster was ignored

As would Robb Bagg if he was a number 2

As would S. Chambers

Nate Coehoorn

Devon Bailey is ready for a huge break out but Edm throws 15 a game to one guy.

Stala in his prime would have been a superstar if was featured.

Giguere could be much more productive if not an after thought.

I could go on but it is purely subjective of course. You can't prove what is not provable if not given the opportunity.

So many import receivers are unproductive at the 2,3 spot.

In the NHL, over 49% of the players hail from Canada. I think this a good thing. When I attend a hockey game or watch it on TV, I want to see the best talent, period. I don't care where they're from. I think this should be the same for any sport. Choose talent from the best pool of players. There are cultural and geographic reasons that the best hockey talent comes from Canada---it's a cold weather sport. It doesn't mean that good players don't come from other places. They do. The same is true for football. For whatever reasons, the best football players are disproportionately from the southern U.S., but there are plenty of good players from Canada and elsewhere. Players don't need special player requirements. They can make it on their own.

And 35 years ago the NHL was 99% canadian. The league was run by Canadians and they did not believe foreigners could play. There was a built in bias. That is widely understood.

Football and now to a lesser extent Basketball are still stuck in a bias.

When there is a bias you need to be a lot better to break through.

It took the Russians in 72 to break through that bias in hockey. And then Olympics, etc.

I believe that reducing the number of Canadian starters below seven would virtually eliminate the Canadian receiver from the league. With only six starting Canadians, I believe teams will continue to load up on Canadian linemen, safeties, fullbacks, and linebackers. The Canadian starter that pretty much every team will eliminate will be the receiver. They might still carry a Canadian backup receiver, but they wouldn't have to, giving them a lot more flexibility in where to use their Canadian backups.

And not using a Canadian starting receiver means that teams wouldn't need a Canadian fullback either.

I'm not saying that there will be no Canadian receivers (or fullbacks), just that there will be very, very few starters. And I believe that there will be some teams that will not have any on their rosters.

We already have almost no Canadian quarterbacks, and very few Canadian runningbacks. Reduce the number of Canadian starters, and we lose the Canadian receiver and fullback as well. So basically all the positions that carry the ball - the players that many fans focus on - would be nearly 100% Americans.

Can you name one who shouldnt be playing?

They are talking about reducing the quota, that doesn't mean you get rid of the Canadians.
It means that the Canadians to win the position would have to be better than the Americans. It could be 100% Canadian receivers if they were good enough. Nothing wrong with 100% Americans either at the receiver position especially if they are faster, stronger, and better at catching the ball. What about competition at the receiver spot? If a receiver is better than say Fantuz, then he wins the job and Fantuz is let go, it's the same at the other positions too, if a Canadian is better than Luke Tasker or Chad Owens then they win the job, as simple as that.

I don't see anything wrong with more players of the calibre of Luke Tasker and Chad Owens and less players like Coates and April

My point is that reducing the number of Canadian starters by just one will remove the de facto requirement to have at least one starting Canadian receiver. And without that requirement, teams won't try as hard to find the next Fantuz, Sinopoli, Bagg, Durie, Getzlaf,.... Some might find their way into the league, but will they even be given the chance to play? Or will teams just assume they aren't as good because they are Canadian and just go with all NCAA-trained Americans.

Some people wouldn't mind that, I'm sure. But others, me included, would be upset with that.

I would like to see a second opinion from the GM's and Coaches on that statement. Some of the starters are as good and always have been IMO. All the Canadian players are better Coached now, no doubt about that. But there are only so many with the real Talent to play at the CFL pro level, and the pool is rather shallow.
The teams are losing an average about two players per team, counting up all the Canadians in the NFL. While the CFLPA wouldn't agree to a reduction of two Canadian starters per team to make up for that. I don't think they could or would try to stop an import player here and there being classed as a National. They didn't stage a walkout last year when the League changed the rules on what is construed to be National player.
This idea could change a lot for the CFL. They could hold the CFL draft earlier, when ever they wanted to, and draft the best players available. When the NFL skimmed off the best, no problem, those teams could add a John Chick or a S. J. Green etc. as a National and who would probably be a better player anyway. But to keep things honest the player drafted they lost to the NFL, would become a free agent if he ever came back to the CFL. When and if the new "National" tried to hold up a team for a ransom you cut him and its next man up. Teams have had no problem doing that now to meet the cap.
So there it is, the problem of losing the top Canadians to the NFL is solved. :smiley:

This thread is very polarizing. Almost an equal split among those wanting less Canadians and those wanting more

It does tend to contradict those who claim that most fans want to see more Canadians in the league, as well as those who claim that most fans want to see more Americans in the league.

What it does say is:

  • Almost all fans here (96%) want to see some Canadians in the league;
  • Very few fans here (5%) want to see an all-Canadian league;
  • A majority of fans here (65%) want to see the number of Canadians in the league stay at least as high as it is now;
  • A majority of fans here (62%) do not want to see the number of Canadians in the league be any higher than it is now.

I know those last two sound like they contradict each other, but it's the way the numbers can be spun depending on the message you want them to support.

The only surprise to me are the three people who indicated that they wanted no Americans in the league. I almost didn't include that as an option as I didn't expect anyone to select it, but then decided it was important to show that. Go figure.

Too bad the accompanying poll didn't get copied over with this one. That one was about whether fans would stop following the league if there were no Canadians playing in it. (FYI, while I voted for more Canadians in the league here, I selected the "would still follow" option in that one. As long as the rules stayed Canadian.)