Poll: Sunday's Results

The Tabbies pull one out in Montreal...

My Gut Tells me Montreal in a Blow out ..
My Heart Wants A Ticat win.

My brain also tells me a Montreal blow out and my heart says the Ticats might just pull an upset. My gut tells me I might puke if I drink too much. :wink:

Don't think so.

With Calvillo, Richardson, Cahoon and Cobourne, I think people often over look the fact that Montreal has a terrffic defence.

Number 1 in the league allowing 275.3 yards per game (Toronto is a distant 2nd with 322.7)

Points wise Montreal averages 15.7 against per game ( and a distant 2nd and 3rd are Calgary's 23.4 and Hamilton's 23.8)

(I think those numbers may need some tweaking after last week's games, not sure)

All we can hope for is that the Als decide to play their 2nd stringers to rest them, but we all know that won't happen.

Hope all the starters play .

Good then they have no excuses when we hand them a lost ......And become the talk of the CFL for others reasons then haven a hard time ....

Agreed :thup: I wouldn`t want the Als to let up whatsover. I hope we beat them with all their starters :rockin:

8) The Al's do have a couple of starters out with injuries, but they are legitimate injuries.
  Trouble there is that their backups are almost as good as the starters !!

   Don't worry about the Al's letting up, they won't do that.  They will want to keep their unbeaten

   home streak going.  

   They won't be resting anyone at this point in the schedule, with 3 games still to play !!

That`s true.

One thing we know about the Als, they give no mercy to any team. That`s why their at the top of the league.

It sure would be sweet to beat these guys!!

8) I agree.
 Especially on their home field.     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->