Poll suggests Riders are Canada's Team

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A sportsnet poll suggests Canada's most popular CFL team are the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Riders were the most popular 2nd choice of fans as well. I guess it is time to jump on the bandwagon folks. Just remember --- Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!

Danny Barrett is # 1!!!

Where was the poll conducted, Saskatoon?

Lions all the way.

2nd choice, Deb. Once the Riders knock out the Lions (knock on wood), who will you cheer for? Riders, or Argos/Montreal?

Scratch just about anyone and they bleed green!

Polls may be unreliable depending on how they are conducted. If fan support is the criteria, then Edmonton or Calgary is Canada’s team because of best average attendance in league. If geography is a factor, then Winnipeg is Canada’s team because of central location.

Really, you can say that any CFL team are Canada's team. They all need each other to survive, why would anyone say that one specific team is "Canada's team". It should be more like "the CFL is Canada's league!"

Obviously the poll consisted of a number of people around Canada. No need to try and disregard findings.

If you knew anything about statistics and polls, unless this was a random sample of individuals throughout canada (with a significant P level and standard error), this poll means absolutely nothing. If the Riders were the most popular team in Canada, why can they only get 23,000 in their home stadium?

As someone who is no where near Regina at school in Torornto & from Hamilton... I gotta say the most away fans you'll see at an Argo or Ti-Cats game other than when the two are playing eachother are Rider fans. From what I can gather, this is the case at all CFL cities. I think its pretty obvious that Saskatchewan is the best supported team considering the distance most fans dish out to see home games let alone anywhere else.

10 - 15000 @ McMahon? When other team's fans could manage that?

They support their away games but not their home games. I'd rather have Lions fans come to the Dome rather than travel to see the team on the road.

Saskatchewan is the supposedly the best supported team across Canada because they're more spread out in Canada. Not many people from Sask stay in Sask.

You could say the Leafs are Canada's team in hockey because of their support across Canada but it's only because Torontonians (being as big as they are) live all across Canada as well because they find it hard to live in such a crappy city.

May I draw your attention to the game on sunday in Calgary, and games in Winnipeg, and in Edmonton, and games that the riders are not even playing in, the game against Toronto at the Rogers Centre, there were a couple thousand rider fans there as well. This is all just observations as to what is occuring. I am a Rider Fan, and yes, there have been some games that I have not attended. But, I do consider myself a fan. Attendance at games are not the only factor. It is the smallest stadium outside of Molson Stadium in Montreal. (which you would think that it would be easier to sell out, I agree) Demographics play into this equation as well. Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal have large amounts of residents in the immediate surrounding areas of these centres. Most people that attend games in Saskatchewan live a couple hours away or more. And then there are some who travel 5 hours to attend every home game. I do not agree that attendance at games is the indicator of fan demographics.

Right, majority leave Sask for lack of anything to do, so it makes sense that their games are well attended by their fans across the country.

Lion Pride!!

BTW, if the Leos lose on Sunday, I'll be rootin' for Montreal (if they win on Sunday). I could never cheer for Toronto. A TO-Edm GC, I don't think I could stomach watching, 'cause I couldn't cheer for anyone.

because we all move away from our hometown roots... THEREFORE any other people serveyed in whatever town / city are 20% rider fans / 80% home team ( these number are not practical BUT for these purposes lets use them )..

survey 8 cities... ( the 8 with teams lets say ) -=-- 20% of 1000 people out of each city like the riders.. beside the Regina ssector which lets say is 80% for 20% against.. ... look at the numbers.. Saskatchewans greatest export is PEOPLE! - then wheat

joedavtav is right... If you lions fans dont believe me go pick up a book

The CFL 2006 BUZZ BOOK by John Chaput--

I know the author :stuck_out_tongue: but he's got all the numbers down...

And why do you think that is? They aren't travelling there for the games. They live there. They had to leave the wheat fields to find real jobs.

Everyone knows someone who's from Saskabush, but find someone living in Saskabush that's from elsewhere? Not going to happen. No one in their right mind would move to Saskabush!

Unless of course they have a fetish for Yokles.

Ouu... I seem to have struck a nerve of many western CFL fans.

I am fully aware of displaced Saskatchewanians across this country. This however can't account for 30-40% of McMahon Stadium being green. The majority of these must have made the trip. And who cares if Saskatchewan is only supported on the road because of displaced natives? They still manage respectable crowds at home as well as the best road support in the league.

I wouldn't argue over a slightly smaller home-gate for the Riders either. The population of Saskatchewan (the province) is 980,000. From a fan-base across an entire province comparable to one of any other city in Canada, these Rider fans put up comparable average attendances albeit slightly less than all cities other than Montreal for their small stadium.

I'm a Ti-Cats fan but I will single out the Riders for having the best fans in the league.

John Chaput? He wouldn't happen to be from Saskabush would he? There's a reliable source...

Saskatchewans greatest export is PEOPLE! - then wheat - I can beleive that. Living in Alberta I meet a lot of Saskabush nomads.

I am a Lions fan but I would say that the Eskimos have great fans. They always have the highest average attendance, so I would put them miles ahead of Riders fans anyday.

Lions fans aren't half bad either :wink:

Edmonton's population --> 712,000
Regina's population --> 178,000

I don't agree Riders fans are the best but the most loyal. Half the time, most of the green you see in stadiums is because they are fans of Saskatchewan and not CFL fans. Any reason to show they are from Sask. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing. I actually applaud them for it. Wish more provinces could be like that.

again, 'RoarlionsRoar' like I said earlier, you can't use "average attendance" numbers to determine the number of fans that follow the Riders from across the country. Unless you can support that. Give me some quality, tangible resolutions to your argument as to how other teams in the league can be named "Canada's Team".