Poll: Stadium Site

The simple answer is no. Its not in hamilton and the loss of the fan base would be severe

That's your opinion, that's fine. But either way you look at it, it is just plain risky with any move out of IWS, and staying at IWS is risky too. There is no guarantee that the Rheem site will be any better than IWS for the future of the team.

thank god the people of BC and Man dont think thats its not their team if they dont live in the city where they play.

We have people who come from the island, and the valley, and even the interior. People from all over the province of sask and man go to and support rider and bomber games and teams. Pretty narrow minded for someone to say they wont support a team any more just because its address is outside the city. sheesh

I mean, what are you going to do, become argo fans???

Some sites are risky, others have been demonstrated as suicidal with fan reaction like Bob got when the Aldershot site was suggested (whether it was him or not isn't important)

Football you bet .... Hamilton's situation is nothing like those regional teams. If we were to go regional we'd be swallowed up by Toronto in 5 seconds and its a daily fight to keep our Independence from the Elephant to the east

are you kidding, with the low attendance at argo games, toronto isnt even swallowed up by toronto.

I'm not talking about the Argos, I'm talking about the entire city's very existence. Apparently you did read carefully

are you trying to suggest that having a football team is all that keeps hamilton hamilton??

Its one of the biggest things. WestJet leaves, Hamilton boycotts, Lakeport Brewery is purchased and moved to London by Labatt, boycott, get the picture?

What you are suggesting is not thinking outside the box. It is actually contrary. Thinking outside the box would be redeveloping IWS, which is clearly not on the table.

Council has made their, and in turn our, decision. West Harbour ahoy!

AKT, it's ridiculous to think that the Aldershot site should not be considered because it was "demonstrated as suicidal with fan reaction" that it won't work. There are so many more fans out there with different opinions than the piddly few that come on these boards and say what they think. And the Tiger-Cats know that very well, as does the city of course. Most fans don't come on here and a new site like Aldershot may very well start attracting a newer fan base that has never come on here, ever.

good answer :thup:

and the survey says.... :wink:

Just build it at Rheem.

Rheem is crap. The Ti-cats know it. The sponsers and investors know it. So do the majority of the fans.

Just curious...Why do people keep mentioning Aldershot when it is part of Burlington? Does that mean that the City of Burlington will put up the $60 million instead of Hamilton taxpayers? If I lived in Hamilton, the last thing I would want is my tax dollars going toward a stadium that isn't even located in my city, with all the benefits of that stadium going to another community.


Entirely 100% wrong Earl. None of the people I'm referring to frequent these boards. IMO there is a widespread feeling that moving yet another Hamilton institution out of Hamilton would make the perpetrator persona non grata. The reaction to the mere suggestion of an Aldershot had Bob in full retreat within hours. Doesn't that suggest anything to you? I sure does to me. It suggests to me that there are many more who feel the same as I and the people I know do.

Aldershot is the name of a former village that was swallowed up. It is fiercely independent and decades later still insists on using the name. As for the funding Burlington would have to fund it as Hamilton would surely not invest one cent in a stadium outside is borders. As you say the taxpayers wouldn’t stand for it

You saw the poll, right?

The way the poll is set up I could very well vote for Rheem even tho I believe Confederation Park is a better site because I know full well the best chance to get the stadium is not at my preferred site. Even at that Rheem is barely holding onto 50% of the vote. I could argue that the poll suggests there is no overwhelming support for the Rheem site. In fact I could say that the majority feel the site is crap because in spite of the inevitability factor Rheem still can't get a majority of the votes and people are looking for an alternative, any alternative. Just saying.


I understand what you're saying AKT. Just to add to that thinking, the damage has been done to the Rheem site in the public perception of many with the TiCats/sponsors indicating publicly that from what they see so far, it isn't a good site for them. So this has created a perception for many that the Rheem site just won't work even though many of these people haven't followed the issue close enough or know enough or even care enough.

The city is going to have to try and change that perception quick with people's tax money on the line especially once the Tiger-Cats report goes public and if there are more indications in the report the site isn't suitable. Of course this has happened with the Mayor writing his pieces in the Spec and I'm sure there is something on his website as well. The city is really going to have to ramp up the Rheem site PR more than what they've done though.

This poll is absolutely useless, regardless. One should not be allowed to switch votes for starters. I remember there being more votes for 'refit IWS' and now they seemed to have transferred to Conf. Park. The votes are also diluted on options that are not even on the table (Aldershot etc.) At the same time it does show Rheem leading over the next two options combined which to me shows broader support then the naysayers would like to admit.