Poll: Stadium Site

Not sure whyt this wasn't done yet as a poll. What do you think/what do you want to see happen at this point? I'm going with Rheem, since a core site seems even less likely now and I think it will do the most for the city as a whole, and thus the Ti-Cats. After all, what benefits Hamilton, benefits the Ti-Cats. Please, if you are going to argue, use the Ti-Cats not impressed with new stadium post, or see if an mod merges this topic with it.

I would have worded the question different but what the hell.

In the words of Johnny 5 "Input, input!"

we All know this poll hold about much Weight as a Flake of Skin.
But I voted to Reto Fit IWS..

But it not going to happen

While it may be officially not in Hamilton city boundaries, when I drive from Hamilton to Toronto I feel that everything along the QEW from Hamilton right up to Burlington ie Brant St. or close to it is Hamilton so I would include Aldershot as part of Hamilton, certainly as much as the airport.

That how Feel Earl.. Plus Alder shot was Village in Hamilton Wentworth till early 1960's

My first choice would be to refit IWS, but since I know that isn't going to happen, I chose the Rheem site.

Here are my reasons:

Selfish reasons:
I know the area and I love it.
It is actually within walking distance from my work and a bit of a trek, but still within walking distance from my house.

Other reasons
I believe in the Waterfront revitalization project and think that a downtown stadium could actually help with that and with the downtown core revamp.
I think the views from the waterfront stadium would be gorgeous.
Despite some opinion, there is ample access to the highways from this location.
Edmonton's method of parking in one central parking lot and using shuttles to the stadium is very effective and could work here.

I will go to see the Ticats no matter where the team is if it is within my abilities to get there. My concern is that I will miss more games (due to work schedule) if the location adds too much travel time over IWS.

Mud st and Hwy 20 the old Speedway park is where the stadium should be.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Eastwood park would be ideal for this. You could easily modify it to let cars on to the field and it's close enough that 3-4 HSR buses could easily service it on gameday as shuttle buses. I'm sure the city would be happy to provide those if the cats got on board. I'm sure if you looked around there would be other places where you could do the same.

I just found out that a new stadium is going to be built in West Harbour. I wasn't too thrilled about them moving to a new location. Aside from adding more seats and more concessions, there isn't a whole lot I'd change about Ivor Wynne. Anyway, since I'm not too familiar with Hamilton, I was hoping someone here could show where West Harbour is exactly? Also, where is it in relation to Ivor Wynne?

Right about here

[url=http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=tiffany+and+barton,+hamilton&sll=44.231329,-76.480925&sspn=0.673057,1.234589&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Barton+St+W+%26+Tiffany+St,+Hamilton,+Hamilton+Division,+Ontario&t=h&z=16]http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s ... o&t=h&z=16[/url]

If you're coming in from London, this could actually be easier and faster than Ivor Wynne (except possibly on game day...)

I still say that for the long term survival of football, the stadium should be in the Aldershot/Burlington area. Take advantage of the seven or eight Million people that live within a 50 mile radius of Hamilton. Build it next to the 403/407/QEW/GO rail - make it easy for people to get to the stadium. "Think outside the Box" and think outside of the city of Hamilton.

Hard to argue with that line of reasoning jaybird I must say. :thup:

the rheem site is 5 min from aldershot

if the ticats think a site on the outskirts of the city is such a great idea they should move their office and see how many people drive out for tickets and merchandice just to take advantage of the giant parking lot

That is correct!! the Aldershot/Burlington area would be the centre of the Ticats market. This should not be just a Hamilton only team where you hope that the old blue collar 20,000 fans show up and head downtown like they have for years.
It's about going after a new market, you have to tap into the 7 or 8 million that live within a 50 mile drive or train ride to the stadium. It's time to make the team a Southern Ontario Team. Football fans in the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington area would be able to get to the stadium easily. They can still be called the Hamilton Tiger Cats, look at the two New Jersey teams in the NFL they are called the Giants and the Jets the stadium is in an area where most of their fans come from,....... the suburbs of New Jersey. The stadium is easy to get to by road.
I just drove by the new Miami stadium, its actually in the burbs of Fort Lauderdale, very easy to get to from all the highway systems that intersect there. Most NFL teams draw from the areas around their cities, Buffalo is another example of a small city of less than 300,000 drawing 75,000 fans a game. Their fans come from the 50 mile radius, same with Dallas with their 100,000 seat stadium, the fans come from all over that 50 mile radius.

It's time for a change and if you want football to survive in the area the team has to move outside the city.

Say goodbye to $50M and many many many Hamilton fans. Moving outside of Hamilton would be suicide IMO. I know I wouldn't follow the team if they leave and I know quite a few that feel the same way

Makes a whole lot of sense to me jaybird as much as I personally like the West Harbour, it's just not the best site for the Tiger-Cats or new soccer team.

AKT, many Hamilton fans, the old diehards will be dying off as they/we get older, the new demographic is worth consideration.

Thanks but I plan on sticking around a bit longer, I'm only 53. Lots of the people who I am sure won't follow the team are younger than me. Besides how is Burlington going to pay for it

Well I'm 53 as well and also plan to be hanging around for a while.

Apart from funding for the stadium, don't you think that there is a lot of potential with an Aldershot/Waterdown (in my mind Hamilton) location right off the 403?