Poll: Stadium Location - Where do you stand now?

Has any stakeholder looked at the soccer grounds adjacent to Hwy 403 in the west end. Lots of space for parking and easy access. Though, being parkland, these grounds may not be available for this purpose. Just my 2 cents.


If I'm thinkin' of the land you're thinkin' about, those fields cover an old dump that can't be built upon.

Confederation Park!!! Why are they dealing with the bay when they have the opportunity to revitalize and build up the real waterfront at the lake. Clean up the beaches add the stadium, restaurants, entertainment along with the waterpark it would be a place to go. Instead now we find ourselves going to Port Dillousie or Port Dover for these outings.

Because Chad Collins misrepresented the facts to council and they took it off the table. If you reside in that ward you should make him aware of that fact at the polling booth

I vote that IWS be rebuilt. One half each year in the offseason.

Of course this isn’t going to happen, but that is my vote nonetheless.

Mr Mitchell is that you?

The White Star proposition is the best one I've seen so far. Build the stadium on top of the parking lot so the parking is underneath the stadium rather than around it. But as always, we need buyers, especially for the condos and we should know full well that White Star can't do it by themselves. Maybe the Hiltons might want to join this venture. The city and other private interests could put this over the top. Putting the velodrome beside it has just as much merit since the acquisition of the land is already done. And this can be applied to either site.

However there needs to be a thorough geological examination before this can go. We don't want this to be another Big Owe. The biggest complication with Montreal's Olympic stadium was that the land it was built on was sinking, making it difficult to make what would have been the first retractable dome. We should learn from that mistake. Building on the waterfront has challenges and we'd better identify theirs and the EM option alike to determine the most cost-effective plan to go with.

The White Star design took intio account the soil and was based on concrete pilings.

As has been mentioned before, it sounds great from a technical aspect, but it has zero financing and with three weeks until the deadline, it's most likely far too late.

Wish that proposal came out last year.

East Mountain for a stadium. Put a Cineplex or Playdium at the West Harbour (year-round entertainment, and would open up more business opportunities - e.g. eateries - than a stadium) It's a win-win.

I 100% support the East Hamilton location IF development in that area is going to occur. There is a lot of green in the surrounding immediate area not to mention the majority of Stoney Creek Mountain. It would be astronimical for the city to continue growing in that direction and a stadium would help that cause; however if theres no promise of development in both areas then putting a stadium closer to the farmers of stoney creek with limited residential than closer to say ancaster/dundas makes little sense. With the main populations of the Hamilton area being hamilton-ancater-dundas-stoney creek, putting a stadium between 2 is good, but 3 is always better.(not to only time we say that right guys) There is an open field and forested area just north-east of the 403/linc intersection that would still provide excellent highway viewing and ad-space. Relatively short distance from all Ancaster, Dundas, and Downtown Hamilton with area for ample parking opportunities.

Ill accept where ever the TiCats new Home will go, But IMO the Eaton Center Eyesore downtown would be the Ideal place to put a stadium, All the Transportation and parking issues would be served and the building is a huge cavity ready for a floor and seating!!

In my opinion, the west harbour is not the place for a large stadium facility. This area should be used for residential in order to have more people move and live there which would be better for the city in the long run. Let's face it, the main reason the politicians want places of assemble in the west end/core area is so the downtown business community can get their hands into your pockets. The east mountain site has more of what the tiger cats and any other pro sport team needs for success, say no more.

I agree nomad and if the TigerCats are forced to play at WH, I will try and not patronize any downtown establishment if I have to, except one Chinese restaurant my wife loves but I can pass on, albeit the food is good.

When is the decision set to be made?

Where did the positive thread /article for the W.H go ?? was it moved? IMHO if the TiCats want to move they should sell the team localy and get an expansion franchise!!


here it is...

This has been done: Guelph demolished their Eaton Centre and put in a nice new arena for the Storm OHL team.

Not sure if the Eaton Centre footprint would be large enough for a 25,000 seat stadium. There are a couple of other places downtown that could probably accommodate such a facility, but the point is moot since our city council chose WH long ago and we are on a tight timeline to have this stadium issue resolved once and for all.

That is a very interesting comment IMO.

By their very nature, the big box developments that dominate the economic activity on the EM are developed and operated by a few very large corporations like Smart!Centres (200 unenclosed shopping centres nationwide and growing!) that primarily represent the interests of "partners" like WalMart, Best Buy and Home Depot.

And yet it's the DOWNTOWN business community, made up of hundreds of mostly small independent businesses that is pulling the strings here? Say, aren't the Hamilton Tiger Cats themselves a very visible member of the downtown business community?

To borrow from a recent Spec article: I think it begs the question, after these shenanagins continue to go on, of "who is benefiting from these developments in the East Mountain?"

everyone, especially Hamilton taxpayers