Poll: Stadium Location - Where do you stand now?

Simple poll, more fuel for the fire. :wink:

Confederation park.....is the preferred site ,but won't be happening with this city council.

Holy smokes, the east mountain is in the lead. Yee-haw.

Yes, it is but, assuming that an investor stepped up to the plate for the West Harbor (which isn't completely unreasonable) it seems neck and neck.

Remember, at least in my opinion, Bob will go with the WH if his concerns are addressed and that could happen, not likely but could.

I gotta go with east mountain just because I live so close to it. People claim its "out in the boonies" but that's not really the case, either way wherever the new stadium is I will still attend games. :rockin:

Wheres the "Who friggen cares just get the bloody thing built already" option??

I am SO tired of the boohoo we want it here.. we want it there

Get over it.. decide already and move on... The Cats and the CofH need to get there crap together... neither is anything, without the other!!

My kids behave better than these 2

Save our waterfronts

Well now that the poll is more then a few days old, it seems East Mountain is the place of choice amongst those who frequent this forum. Even the West Harbour support seems to still need a private sector investor to even seem remotely feasible.

Im worried the city will drag its feet as it has so many times in the past and Hamilton will lose the Pan Am games, stadium and the Ti-cats.

Go with the west harbour only if a major investor comes forward. Its a better site for the city if it doesn't cost more in ongoing expenses. The major investor would need to commit $70M -$100M to match Young's guarantee that the stadium would not be a city expense for the next 15 years

Or the province could kick in more money.

Such as an amount equal to the value of its lands on EM, whatever that is.

Can't see the province kicking in $70-100M extra

Can't see them kicking in that money either. ( BTW, how do you figure $70m-$100m?)

Thats the amount it would take to match the Cats guarantee of no city spending for ongoing costs for 15 years plus the $15M they have pledged and taking into consideration the remediation costs which I believe will far exceed the paltry $3.5 M that the city is trying to sell everyone on

Gotta serious grudge with Fred E. Of all the ungrateful, stubbornheaded, classless, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating. bug-eyed. stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed... With apologies to Chevy Chase. The Tiger-Cats make Hamilton a real city... Without them, we're Saskatoon. And the Tiger-Cats wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Bob Young.

Kinda harsh towards Saskatoon :lol:

Saskatoon has the veterinary school there, I've heard that the vets there can do wonders with wounded kitty cats. :wink:

No offence intended... Unless we're playing the Alouettes on Thursday. Just mean to say that professional football validates a community in a way few other things do. And Bob Young deserves better. Will never forgive council for dragging the Oilers guy into the stadium debate.

It was a joke about you vilifying Fred actually