Poll: So whose it going to be ? Which 2 teams are going to the Grey Cup ?

Well here we are folks , the regular season is officially over and the play-offs are on the horizon. So the poll question is a simple one really…Who are the two teams that you think will be the last two standing on Grey Cup Sunday ?

I’ll start things off and say that my vote and prediction is for a Bomber vs REDBLACKS final this year .
Believe it or not these two cities have only ever met three times in the big game with the last time being in 1941 a mere 77 years ago . :o

Anyways let’s hear from ya’s . Whose it going to be ? Vote early , vote often .

I don’t know, but it won’t be the Als.

At the beginning of the season, I predicted Winnipeg vs Calgary and I stand by it. :wink:

How could it be Calgary and Winnipeg?


I had a dream before the season that it was Calgary and Winnipeg.

It's possible but one of the teams has to crossover - finish 4th in the West with a better record than 2 teams in the East, like BC did this year.

For a while, it looked like Winnipeg might just finish 4th.

Oh well... :slight_smile: I miss the days when I dreamed about "babes".

I’m hoping for another classic Hamilton versus Winnipeg Grey Cup Game.


Me too. Doesn’t seem likely.

That would be my hope too but I’m not betting on it.

I think Hamilton has a pretty good chance, actually.

I could see them beating BC at home. Then there is Ottawa…

The odds of Ottawa beating us 4 times in one year have to be low. After all, the Ticats have some “pride” (pun intended), don’t they?


The Ticats to the Grey Cup may not be as crazy as you think.

I hope it is a Ticat/Ottawa Eastern Final. I also hope it snows… BIG TIME!!!

Johnny is expecting Calgary VS Ottawa. This time Calgary wins.

Yes, a veritable blizzard with arctic wolves and polar bears descending upon unwary spectators!

Hey Kevin: be careful what you wish for. The the Redblacks thrive in bad weather.

That’s fine. Ottawa is my 2nd favourite team. Would LOVE to see snow.

Okay folks here we are , down to the final four with an East vs West Grey Cup all but assured . So with all that being said I’ve revised the poll to reflect the results of the two Semi-Final games that were played this weekend .

I’ll get things started by reneging on my original prediction of Ottawa vs Winnipeg and go 100% homer by now selecting my Cats to play those Bombers in a classic Cup battle that will be forever known as the Drought Bowl . Think about it , 34 yrs between the last time these two met up in the Final (1984) same host city , same host park . The Bombers last winning it all way back in 1990 , some 28 yrs ago . The Cats last winning it all way back in 1999 , some 19 yrs ago . Somethings gotta give , somebodies Cup famine will be finally over and somebodies Cup famine will continue. I’m sorry but if this match-up doesn’t get yer blood boiling and yer pulse racing then I honestly don’t know what will (of course fans from Calgary and Ottawa might not concur with all of this and might just might have a different take on things :wink: )

So lets hear from you all . Whose it going to be meeting up in this years classic in Commonwealth for Lord Grey’s Cup ?

Based on my 0 for 2 last week.

I will be apparently giving Calgary and Ottawa the jinx.

NO WAY Ottawa beats us 4 times in 1 year. Not possible.


I'm sticking with this prediction. 8)