Poll : So which Western team is the odd man out for this years play-offs ?

With yet again an obvious crossover scenario looming for this years play-offs only two of the above three mentioned teams will be participants . So the poll is basically straightforward here . Who does everyone think will be the odd team out from the West when this years play-offs roll around ?

I didn't bother to place Calgary or Winnipeg in this poll as the Stamps have already basically qualified long ago and it seems to me that the Bombers will also be there as well barring an enormous collapse by them at this stage .

To make things easier for everyone I've posted each teams current W/L record and who is left to play on each of their schedules .

I'll start things off with my prediction of the Eskimos continuing on their current slide which I predict will slide them right out of the play-off picture this season after rolling to an impressive 7 - 0 start to this season . The Eskimos have followed that up with a 5 game losing streak . I'm thinking that the Eskies woes continue and they win only 1 of their final 6 games .

My prediction for the Eskimos final regular season record ? an 8 - 10 5th place finish and out of the play-offs this season .

Which leaves the Riders securing their first play-off spot since 2014 finishing a strong 3rd with an impressive 11 - 7 mark on the season and staying in the West for the WSF facing the 2nd place Bombers .

That leaves the Lions to squeak into the play-offs once again keeping their current consecutive appearances in the post season record intact at an impressive 21 seasons as the crossover team and a date in the ESF somewhere in Ontario (TBD) The Lions I predict wind up with a .500 record of 9 -9 on the season which is very mediocre by their standards but it will still be a better record than whoever winds up in first place in the anorexic East this season .

So Agree ? Disagree ? Let's hear from everyone and your opinions on which Western team's season ends early come playoff time this year .

I'm thinking that this should be a very interesting poll with lots of varying opinions on the subject .

I'm thinking that now that Lulay is done, it'll be the Lions on the outside looking in. For whatever reason, Jennings seems to have lost his bearings and I don't expect the team to turn it around until he finds his old form or the team finds someone else.

I agree that Sask will probably be 3rd in the West the way they've been playing the last month.

So that leaves Edmonton crossing over to the East. I'm at a bit of a loss about this team. I feel like they should be more like the strong team that started the season and keep expecting a turnaround, but so far that hasn't happened.

Sadly, I think you are right. I was hoping Sask would be the crossover team - to encourage people to go to a possible Argo playoff game.

I am starting to worry Ottawa will be on the outside looking in during their Grey Cup year.

Are the Ticats for real? My gut says no but...

The worst team in the West has more points than the best teams in the East. Yikes!

I don't see Ottawa missing the playoffs. Yeah, they've been very inconsistent, but I think their record doesn't necessarily reflect how good they are. We'll see.

But it would really take a big collapse to see them overtaken by both Toronto and Hamilton.

Hamilton, BC and Ottawa will miss the playoffs. Saskatchewan will cross over. Edmonton will catch Winnipeg for the number 2 seed and beat Calgary in the west finals. Saskatchewan will run the table down east setting up a Rider Eskimo GC show down.

You really think Montreal is going to go on a tear (or at least more so than Hamilton and Ottawa)?

CFL.ca says it is likely the Esks. I have to say that unless they get healthy fast I think that might be a realistic statement, as their 'easier' portion of the schedule is long in the past.

I just have to ask there West but just what in the world have you seen lately in the play of the Concordes to actually think that they will be anywhere near the playoffs this season ? I honestly think that they will be life and death to even win another game this year . I'm thinking a finish of 3 - 15 or 4 -14 at best is what we can expect out of this sad sack outfit this season .

The one prediction that right now seems like a good bet is the fact that two of the three teams that didn't qualify last year for the post season will both make it this year.....and one of them isn't going to be Montreal .

Ottawa will come down to if Harris can play. If he can’t…then I don’t see them making the playoffs. Remember, they only have 4 games left. Hamilton is much improved and has 6, and the final game for the redblacks is against them.

Ottawa plays 3 west games…2 of which are in the West. How many of those games do you see them winning? I think if they walk away with 1 they are doing good.

Hamilton plays the Als 2 times, who get worse every week.

For argument sake lets say Ottawa pulls off one win against the west over their next 3. And let’s say the Als continue to play like they are, and the Cats beat them 2 times. Those 2 things seem realistically possible. That puts a huge amount of pressure on the Cats to beat the Argos next week, at home, because it would mean that the winner of the redblacks/cats game would end ahead in the standings. Further, it also would give them the season series with the Argos and put them one game back, but I really think it is the Redblacks they are chasing.

I meant to vote for BC, but for some reason I voted SK instead... if someone could fix that for me, it would be appreciated... I would have said SK, but after the result in BC last night, the Lions are more likely to be on the outside looking in, but having said that, still too close to call to say that BC or SK are out.

It's not so much Montreal going on a tear as I don't think Ottawa will win down the stretch with the QB they've got in there.

Yeah, I'd say BC is most likely to miss the Playoffs.

Hope you're right.

The ORBs only have one East game remaining on the schedule... and it's against the Ticats.

The Argos are playing better, and have a lighter schedule down the stretch. Plus they hold the tie-breaker over the Rider GadeBLACKS.

It won't really matter. Even if they beat the Eskimos in the East Semi, they're not getting by my mighty Argos in the East Final. ;D

What the cfl.ca knows about the league could fit in a thimble with room to spare. Their power rankings are hilariously way off mark on a regular basis.

Just looking at the remaining schedule and even being generous I don't see BC climbing higher than 8 wins while Saskatchewan and Edmonton should have no problem with 9 or 10.

BC without Lulay doesn't have a chance of catching a team with a game in hand nor one with 2 games in hand.

BC will miss the playoffs. It doesn't really need to be said because it's obvious, but the Alouettes will miss the playoffs as well.

That didn't need to be said in this thread, but as an Argos fan it was fun to read. 8)

Hard to believe that the Stamps "only" loss this season was at the hands of these Alouettes !!! :o
Honestly can say that the last time I saw a team as BAD as this in Montreal they were named the Concordes :o.......Hard to also believe but I actually feel a little bit sorry for Johnny and his fellow Alouette cronies this season..........BUT not really that sorry 8)


......Wally World is drawing to a close on the coast....There won't be any last minute heroics and whoever said 'when Lulay went 'down and out' so did the Leos'...Lions sidelined for post season this year