Poll: So which 2 teams to you want to see in the Grey Cup ?

Okay folks with the regular season now over and the playoffs looming and the Semi-Final match-ups decided it’s time to see who everyone would like to see in this years Grey Cup game at BMO in 3 weeks time. Now remember the poll isn’t necessarily who you think will be there but who you would most want to see there. So I’m kinda interested in specifically who would prefer a traditional East vs West match-up versus who would prefer a West vs West final.

Outside of the obvious All West possible match-ups of Calg/Edm or B.C/Edm the only other possible Cup match-up between 2 teams that have never met before in the classic would be a game between BC and Ottawa.

So I’ll start things off and say my match-up I’d like to see would be a drought bowl between the Cats(“99”) and Bombers(“90”) , the 2 teams that have gone the longest without a Championship . I mean somebodies string of hard luck would finally be broken and somebodies long suffering fans would be ecstatic with the outcome no matter who wins the game. Now bare in mind I honestly don’t think we’ll see this match-up this year but remember it’s not who you think will be in it but who you would want to see in this years Grey Cup.

So vote early , vote often and let’s see which one of the nine possible match-ups would everybody like to see in this year’s Grey Cup. :rockin: :smiley:

In terms of a want. I'm going with Winnipeg vs. Hamilton. I'll echo of having a match-up of the two teams that have the longest consecutive Grey Cup droughts (Ottawa does not count here).

Plus I would love to watch people complain with this match-up as it will show regular season results mean nothing this time of year :rockin:

I also picked the Cats and Winnipeg, for similar reasons.

Edmonton vs Winnipeg

I don't want a sub. 500 team in the game, so Edmonton has to be there and I want Winnipeg since their fan base has suffered enough.

I will take the Battle of Alberta for the Grey Cup.
Calgary's great run, Edmonton vastly improved from the beginning of the year and defending Grey Cup Champs.
Primarily picked these two as no Eastern team is over 500.

Second choice would be Hamilton vs Calgary, as the Ti-cats fans would bring an incredible atmosphere to the Grey Cup at BMO.

I'm torn. While The Stamps are my favourite West Division team, my RiderGadeBlacks don't match up very well with them.

I can't see a repeat of last years Grey Cup

Winnipeg and Hamilton

Everyone likes seeing losing streaks busted.

And you won't Jimbo , it can't possibly happen this year :slight_smile:
Ironically we have two possible scenarios for the Eastern Final this year #1...Edmonton vs Ottawa = A repeat of last years Grey Cup or #2...Hamilton vs Ottawa = A repeat of last years Eastern Final......BUT a repeat Grey Cup ? not this year :slight_smile:

Why do you say OTT does not count for a drought ?

I will suggest the OTT fans will beg to differ.

Having said that, I will go with MY Lions and the RedBlacks.

However, when it comes down to it, ANYBODY BUT EE.

I'd like to vote for Hamilton vs. someone I'm pretty sure we can beat with our current roster. But the Argos aren't in the playoffs. :rockin:

I went with Hamilton, because they're my team, vs. Calgary, because if any team deserves to be there this year, it's the Stamps. And I'm hoping for the upset, even if that means three upsets in a row. Maybe we'll have some more players back by then?

as a proponent of rewarding the best teams in the CFL, the 2 teams that I personally would like to see in the grey cup are Calgary and BC, the 2 teams with the best records in the CFL this year.
but this wont happen as they both play out of the same division, so the next best option is Calgary and Edmonton, as Edmonton's 4th place western division record is better than the east divisions champion.
the sad part is that 2 teams with better season records will be eliminated from participating for the Grey cup where a team with a lesser record will participate.
to me its about having the 2 best teams irregardless of division, playing for the league championship trophy, the Grey Cup.

Good point.

I was counting consecutive seasons without a GC win and Winnipeg is at 25 (this year is not complete).

Ottawa if adding up the RRs, Renedages and RedBlacks complete seasons since their last win, they’re at 26.

If I can change my selection I would to Ottawa and Winnipeg…TiCats can wait longer :twisted:

Okay just did a little research and digging and came up with some surprising results that I think that some might find interesting. Of the 9 possible match-ups for this years Grey Cup there are 6 that have met before , 1 that has never met and of course the last 2 being the All West match-ups that of course has never happened. The thing that I found so amazing though is the fact in a league with mostly a 9 team history is the amount of time between the last time some of these teams met and played against each other in a Grey Cup game. I've compiled a list below , check it out , I'm sure it will surprise you. :slight_smile:

Possible Grey Cup Match-ups- last year they met as finalists and how long ago

1941..... Winnipeg vs Ottawa.......winner- Bombers..........75 yrs ago
1968..... Calgary vs Ottawa..........winner- Riders...............48 yrs ago
1984.....Winnipeg vs Hamilton....winner - Bombers.........32 yrs ago
1985.....B.C vs Hamilton...............winner - Lions...............31 yrs ago
1993.....Winnipeg vs Edmonton..winner - Eskimos..........23 yrs ago
2014.....Calgary vs Hamilton.......winner - Stamps.............2 yrs ago

.............Calgary vs Edmonton.....have never met in a Grey Cup game
.............B.C vs Edmonton...........have never met in a Grey Cup game
.............B.C vs Ottawa.................have never met in a Grey Cup game

Also in regards to the 3 non playoff teams this year (Saskatchewan,Montreal,Toronto) it's the first time in CFL history that all 3 teams missed the playoffs in the same season.

Keep in mind 2 aspects for voting;

What teams do you want to see it it and what teams have a chance ?
There are 5 teams in the 2016 play-offs that I can see hoisting the trophy.
The Cats are not one of them. They are simply the weakest of the 6.

Sorry, no disrespect , as I would love to see a class guy like ZC get a ring, but the Cats are undermanned.
It is like if the greatest QB in CFL history Warren Moon, went into the play-offs without Kelly, Smith and Scott.
The Cats O and D are both shattered. Even Speed is not getting good returns anymore.

As I said in another tread PLEASE Cats, take out the EE.
Hoping for the best , but just do not see it happening.


Exactly B-88 . I chose a Hamilton-Winnipeg match-up but in reality both these teams stand a very good chance of being the first two eliminated from the race(especially Hamilton)in the Semis and are long shots at best. Remember , the poll isn't who you THINK will be in the Grey Cup BUT which two teams you would like to see in the Grey Cup this year.........Big, big difference in the two.

BC vs Ottawa

I have no team in the Game now, but I feel it will be Edmonton and Calgary. I thought Hamilton or Ottawa would have had a good chance of beating Winnipeg, but an Edmonton led team of Reilly will be too good for the East. So I see an all Alberta final. Don’t know if that’s good for the League or not. I still like the idea of the East West Grey Cup.

Okay, some interesting results so far in this poll. It would appear that so far results are showing that most fans would prefer to see a traditional Grey Cup match-up between East and West.

EAST vs WEST game as opposed to the possibility of a WEST vs WEST finale for the Cup by a margin of 74% to 26% or in voting 28 East/West votes as opposed to only 10 votes for a West/West Final.

The poll is also showing that a Grey Cup featuring the Stamps as one of the two teams involved is the popular choice among fans at 47 % or 18 votes combined. (Calg vs Ham = 18%)(Calg vs Ott = 16%)(Calg vs Edm = 13%)

On the other end of things it would appear that the Lions are the least popular team as a choice for a Cup appearance among fans at 24 % or 9 votes combined. (BC vs Ott = 16%)(BC vs Edm = 5%)(BC vs Ham = 3%)

The Cats are the popular choice in the East at 39 % or 15 votes followed by the REDBLACKS at 35 % or 13 votes.

The Eskimos as the crossover team are the least popular to represent the East at 26 % or 10 votes.

The two most popular match-ups are Calgary/Hamilton and Winnipeg/Hamilton both tied at 18% or 7 votes each.

The two least popular match-ups are B.C./Hamilton and Winnipeg/Ottawa both tied at only 3% with 1 vote each.

So as you can see some interesting results so far but I'm sure that we're probably going to see some changing up as more people vote in this poll. :smiley: