Poll: So which 2 teams do you want to see in the Grey Cup ?

Okay folks the CFL Semi-finals are now officially in the books and we are now down to the final 4 in the quest for this years Cup champion . My team of choice , the Blue Bombers went down in flames today as did that TWOCOLOURED team from Ottawa . So basically what that means is two things.......
#1......there won't be a chance of a back to back repeat winner this year with Ottawa's elimination .
#2......the string of having a different team winning it every year in succession the last seven years has officially ended with Winnipeg's elimination .

So with all that being said the question is a simple one.....Which two of the four teams left are you hoping to see in the big game this year ? Bare in mind for all you traditionalists who are dyed in the wool it has to be "East vs West" that unfortunately the only and last team standing from the East is that team (holds nose) from Toronto :(. For those non tradionalists who don't care about the East/West thingy bare in mind that the team that could represent the East as the crossover team is that team that likes to call itself "Canada's Team" ::)those insufferable Riders . Yup , so those are your choices , kinda like picking between getting hit by a bus or getting hit by a truck :o.Which leaves of course the last option in my little poll which is watching Gilligan's Island reruns instead ;D.

So the choice is yours , let's hear from you Cat Nation......Who are you hoping to see as the match-up in this years Big Game ? ...........or would you rather be watching Gilligan chase Mary-Anne and Ginger all over the Island instead ? ;D

Mary-Anne >>> Ginger 8)

Genie >>>>>>>>> Mary-Anne :o

I voted SSK / EDM

The only possible good thing that can happen now is Edmonton vs Toronto with Edmonton winning it.

By the way I chose Saskatchewan and Edmonton . My reasoning for this match-up is Not because I particularly care or like either of these teams (or their Head Coaches) It's just the thought of seeing that team from Toronto playing that team from Calgary and knowing that one of them is going to win the Cup kind of makes me sick to my stomach . Besides at least with an Eskimo - Rider match-up I can cheer for some ex-Cats to finally get that ring and their name on the trophy . Guys like Glenn , Bakari , Dyakowski , Thiggy and even Gainey from the Riders and guys like C.J. , Figueroa and King from the Eskies .

If Edmonton wins it, I like the fact that we can claim, just like in 2005, that it was our gift of an experienced running back that pushed them over the edge.

(Hopefully this time they do not send us a broken QB an unofficial compensation)

Saskatchewan vs Edmonton


Run that ball!

I’m rooting for Kevin Glenn....he deserves to finally win the big one. And if he struggles maybe Bridge can win it all. Would love to see him succeed as a Canadian QB.
I believe he’s a free agent and would love Hamilton to sign him and trade Johnny Nutcase to the Riders.

I am kind of pulling for Kevin Glenn to get the chance he lost back about 10 years ago when he broke his arm when playing in Winnipeg. Love to see him in the Cup. Am also wanting to see CJ get a chance at the Cup, plus, would love to see Edmonton put Calgary out. So, my heart says it should be a Regina-Edmonton game, but don't know who I would cheer for?

On the other hand, I hate the cross-over thing, and am enough of a traditionalist to want the East-West match-up. Which means, of course, Toronto :(. And no one can count out the Stamps with all their power and weapons. So my head says Toronto-Calgary.

But, going with the heart. Kevin Glenn and the Riders over Mike Reilley and the Eskies in a barn-burner down to the wire! Anyone know where I can buy a watermelon to make a Riders helmet hat? :wink:

A watermelon for yer head ya say ? NP my striped friend here is carving out one for you as we speak 8)

As the son of migrant prairie dogs I have to go with Riders all the way to the big WIN. I would like them to either eke out a win over the Eskies or really stomp the Stumps

Like Fans above I'm cheering for CJ and Thigpen to face off ....E vs S
Amazed at how much more credit QB's get when they have dynamic receivers and good O line ....K Glenn always was a good QB ,player of the game Sunday.
Can not believe CJ Gable Sunday,player of the game , did you notice E's O-line communicating ,is that the only difference (O-Line) between Cats & E?Obviously not but holymackinow what a difference.
E vs S
You have to know S coasted into the Eastern playoffs to avoid losing the west....

At first, I was thinking I wanted to see a true east-west game. But I can't cheer for the Arghos. I just can't. And while the Stamps were my #2 team when I lived in Calgary - the Barrett/Flutie/Garcia days - I just don't like watching them anymore.

Then I looked at the rosters, and the Eskimos and Riders have the most ex-Ticats on their rosters. So I'm going for that. The problem is that I'm going to be sitting between a rabid Eskimo fan and a rabid Rider fan. This could get ugly. I might just have to wear full pads for this game. Or maybe an official's jersey.

Saskatchewan vs Edmonton because most of our Cat players are on their teams.
That tells you what I think about the cat management. >:(
Next year they'll be more good players gone from our team and new brought in.
We'll be in the same predicament as this year.
Plus officiatingdidn't help, "sorry" doesn'tcut it, We'd be in the playoffs.

I can not live vicariously through ex Ticats, I've done it for 18 years and am sick of it.
It' s my Cats or no one.
There really is no second choice.

LOL !!! Okay , well I guess I don't have to ask you who you voted for then eh ?? ;D

Just one question.......Ginger ? or Mary-Anne ? :-\ :-* 8)

Sask and Edmonton

Toronto sucks for multiple reasons, like stealing my money last year, getting BS trades and releasesgifted to them all the time and frankly for being that place down the road that didn't fill the place up the last time they won the cup.That said, I can at least appreciate that their presence would be good for the market.

And Calgary...well if you had to pick the overconfident villain team in your movie that tries todestroy the plucky underdogs,that teamwould be Calgary. Year after year of excellent performance to the point of absurdity.


I believe we will see for the first time in CFL history..
an all West Grey Cup.
I took Sask to beat Ottawa and Edmonton over Winnipeg last week.
This week I see Sask not just beating Toronto...but hammering them.
It will be over by the end of the 3rd quarter.
And in the West final I see Edmonton shoving some humble pie into
the face of the arrogant Stampeder’s...
Saskatchewan by 21
Edmonton by 13

Any team but the argos. First off, I absolutely hate them. Secondly, they don't have a winning record, and I think a team winning the Grey Cup without a winning regular season record doesn't deserve to do so. That's why I think either Saskatchewan, Edmonton or Calgary deserve to be champions this year.