Poll :So how many wins will this team have this year ?

Well with us sitting at 0 -2 to start the season and looking rather inept and non competitive in both games and our next 4 games being against stronger Western foes , the possibility is very real that this team could be looking at an 0 - 6 start to this season . So the simple question is basically with how we've looked so far , how many wins do you think this team is capable of actually winning this season ?

Call me crazy but I think that this team will repeat it's performance from last year and once again wind up with yet another 7 - 11 record on the season . The same record as they wound up with last year . I know that it might sound overly optimistic but I think it is achievable despite how we've looked and our brutal upcoming next 4 games schedule .
7 - 11 W/L record on the season . I honestly don't see our first victory possibly coming until game #7 at home against Wnp our other 6 wins will be one against Ott at home , two against Tor both at home , Mtl home and away and Saskatchewan at home .

So with all that being said , let's hear from ya all , how many wins will/can this team wind up with this year ?

Vote early , vote often and let's see what the general consensus is among Cat Nation as to just where this team is heading this season . :cowboy:

Right now 8 wins would look good!

Every team except Montreal is better than the Cats this year.
Cats will get 4 wins if they are lucky.

8 wins by any Eastern team will probably guarantee that team of a 1rst place finish and a bye to the EF .
So ya , with that being said , 8 wins would look very good if this team can ever get their sh!t together and pull that off this season . I'm just curious though Grover , I predicted 7 wins so who and where do you figure the Cats get that 8th victory from ?

Who the hell said 10? :lol: That's some serious optimism or even delusion.

I predict 6 because the team has major problems but still some great players. Banks will break one for a TD in a close game with a weaker opponent or Collaros will have the odd great game. It will be enough to steal a few wins.

Okay this will coincide with E. Davis, Fantuz and Sinkfield returning to the team
and Ricky Ray, Trevor Harris, Kevin Glenn and Durant out

WEEK - Team
8 - WPG
9 - OTT
11 - TOR
13 - SSK
15 - TOR
16 - WPG
18 - MTL
20 - MTL

For info only, I voted 6 wins although 7 perhaps. Cheers to Cat fan

I maybe crazy but I voted 9 wins...I believe once they get started on the winning road they will be fine...Once Collaros stops second guessing his throws & accept that there will be the odd interceptions , the offense will be good. The defense will become better with time when the offense starts supporting them.

Once Collaros stops going onto the field, the offense will be good. The defense will become better with time when the offense starts supporting them.


I say 5-13. Maybe even 4-14.

Sad really...

With our "big" receivers injured Zac's success is limited.
5 wins and bumped by the Western Crossover team ..... :expressionless:

Why are they Not bringing in a replacement BIG target ?! How much headroom do we have with the Salary Cap ?!$

Good fan Grover, right now one win would look good. :wink: