Poll: Should the CFL scrap the new logo

The new logo is a joke! Let's give the CFL brass a good idea of what we fans think.

the new logo is actually brilliant. if you think you can do better that is the problem. its simple. perfect. all the other sports logos are the same

The decision has already been made. Though I didn't see the need to change, I like the design.

Time to move on.

It looks like something that was done quickly on a napkin at a McDonalds. The football is incomplete and the flag is incomplete. This is half a logo and its lack of colour makes it look ugly.

Further proof the new commish has been a disaster so far.

the colos and text is brilliant. the half logo is brilliant. if you put a full maple leaf is makes it look tacky.

the old logo didn't fit well this one is just brilliant. looks awesome on the t-shirts i bought yesterday.

Right. No matter how much you hate it, pulling it now would be awful image-wise.

And honestly, while some fans hate it, I haven't seen it ripped apart in media or anything (but haven't looked very hard).

Don't get it. Entire family here (with in-laws) from teens to 60+ think it looks childish. Guess that tastes differ, Not sure what you mean about ALL the other sports logos are the same.

NBA and MLB are the same. NFL and NHL are the same. NCAA and CFL now have the best logos. Probably done by the same company. Very similar approach.

NBA and MLB are the same. NFL and NHL are the same. NCAA and CFL now have the best logos. Probably done by the same company. Very similar approach.

Sorry. Still don't get what you mean. The other logos are relatively simple but stylized but the graphic elements are far more interesting with sweep and flow of the lines and a less blocky typeface. NCAA a slightly less happy choice for me but at least the typeface is interesting. Huge differences to my eyes. Oh well.

This forum seems more and more like old men complaining about change :stuck_out_tongue:

It is rather blah. It looks like it was done on the cheap.

I remember how just about everyone hated the RedBlacks name and now you all (secretly) love it. This time next year, you'll all love (secretly) the new logo, oh yeah.

I don't hate it. I am indifferent to it. Again, it is blah and generates zero emotion.

Wow. So secret that I don't even know it myself. :smiley:

Did a little more research to refresh my own understanding of changing visual design preferences.

The last pic on this site suggests a millenial preference for flat design- certainly present in the new logo.

[url=http://visual.ly/design-thinking-millennials-vs-baby-boomers]http://visual.ly/design-thinking-millen ... by-boomers[/url]

Boomers prefer realistic design.

However, the logos on this site - a contest to design logos to appeal to millenials - don't display the same flat and blocky styling of the new CFL logo. This just goes to show that research on the web doesn't always pay off.

[url=https://99designs.ca/logo-design/contests/create-retro-fun-modern-logo-appeals-millennials-443927]https://99designs.ca/logo-design/contes ... als-443927[/url]

Oh thank you so so much for telling how I really feel and I secretly do like. What would I ever do without you. I would never truly understand my own thoughts with morons like you. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You're an arrogant ### if you think you know better what people think and feel. You also must have an EGO the size of Ontario if you believe you can read peoples minds and tell what they really feel. I do HATE the name RedBlacks and know many other CFL fans who think it's one of the dumbest team names they've ever heard and the new logo is child like and incomplete and I feel makes the CFL look like the dream of a 6 year old.

If my opinion offends or bothers you then it sucks to be you. Suck it up princess, it's my opinion, I'm entitled to it and no amount of projection of your massive yet fragile ego is going to change it.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Absolutely terrible!

Blander than bland!

I hate it!

I like all three previous logos. This one sucks!

Please, keep the current CFL logo!

Agree for sure

lol, all those logos suck, this one's no different.