Poll: Should RevClark sing the National Anthem at Cat games?

Here is a Youtube video of the good Rev singing at the ACC. Can we please have him sing at all Ticat home games please? Having seen the video my answer is 100% Yes.


Wow !!!!!! Now that's how you sing an anthem,outstanding job Rev :thup: Hey Caretaker sign up the Rev immediately. I'm all for starting up a new poll to get the team to get the Rev and his amazing pipes at center field to sing the anthem at the home opener in August and hopefully more games this season. :thup: Vote yes,vote often...let's get it done Ti-Cat nation !!!!!! :smiley:

That is really great!!

The only thing better is when the singer starts the anthem and lets the crowd finish.

Holy Heck he sings it like a marching song!


Sign him up


I'd like to see him as our regular anthem singer for every game!

I guess it was Seymour who voted No, He would want an International to sing the Anthem. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Should this opportunity come about (and I voted yes), I would like to be at the stadium to view this.

Do you ever have a band play the National Anthem and just have the fans sing the words?
I remember last year when the sound system went down at a sporting event in Canada and the Canadian fans sang our National Anthem, they were very good, and again I thank them.

Maybe he could give us his blessing at the same time. Halleluiah boys and girls. :cowboy:

Back in the Sixties, the team had a band who played at games, but they haven't had one for years. A famous band from our neighbouring city - The Burlington Teen Tour Band - played at Cat games for a couple of years after Bob Young bought the team - but not recently.

Yes to Rev C!!!

BTW: Nice YouTube rendition.

The man has a Great Voice...he is a big Ticat fan and a nice guy too. I've chatted with him several times. This is a "No Brainer". :thup:

After hearing the many who have sang our national anthem over the years at Tiger-Cat games and thanks to all who have, it's a tough job for many.

I have to agree Gord Clark is good and he's a Cat fan, he should be a mainstay singer for the Tiger-Cat home games at THF, great voice and it just adds to the overall live game experience for all fans.


He might be a bit to loud for 1 poster,We need Bob Young to see this , Caretaker :slight_smile:

As a lyricist with 4 pieces of music copyrighted, I support Rev. Clark and his amazing voice. The National Anthems of
Canada and the United States, are both very difficult to sing as written. Rev breezes through these pieces like a hot knife in butter. Please allow him to continue. :thup: