Poll: Should Kevin Glenn be in the HOF?

this works for me

yes and no … Put Reilly in and we maybe win a few more games last year. Put Callaros in and we win about the same (and he doesn’t get hurt). Put Masoli in and we get similar results (probably better than KG, but …). Trevor Harris would probably look “elite” in our offense.

You will notice that I didn’t say we would win the Grey Cup with KG, I just said similar results. We probably would have lost a few more game, but I bet we still made the play offs.

I have all the respect in the world for Bo and I believe last year, the rotating door at receiver should really put a spot light on how talented he is, BUT I do believe that part of his success is in our O-line.

Put him in the Riders last year and they do better, BUT they still don’t make the play offs. Your QB can’t be running for his life all the time or your offense will suffer.

Bo also took a pay cut last year, so that we could bring back his O-line and a few more receivers. He is a team guy and ultimately he likes to win. I predict he is going to take another pay cut to make sure we have everything he needs to keep winning (big pay raises are nice when we don’t know what the cap is, but now that we know, we need to deal with reality - you want the pieces around you, you may have to sacrifice a bit).

Is there a Hall of Pretty Good?

Then he has my vote.

Also, the Atlantic expansion group should sign him now.

Interesting idea … would have to be for non-HoF inductees as it would otherwise be a duplication and unrecognized players won’t have a chance … eligibility criteria would be those who are no longer eligible for the HoF (i.e., 25 years on the ballot or dropped from ballot because of lack of support -see HoF rules).

You do realize Riders finished 1/2 game back of first in the league last year, don’t you? You do realize Riders gave up the fewest sacks in the league last year, don’t you?

The Riders finished second in the CFL overall last year - AND they made the playoffs (hosting the Western Division semi-final).

Try checking facts before commenting in the future please.

I agree with most here, no to the hall. The hall should be for those who have propelled their teams to championships, not because of longevity. I do admire his resilience though.

“CFL lifetime Achievement award” ? isn’t that what the HOF is designed for? I know what your saying though, he falls in to a rare crack.

Would be tough to get people excited to come out to that

Would be a very different selection?? Backup at best, no records broken!!
Played with 9 teams tells the real story!!! Had a break out season with Edmonton
carting out the footballs.

Yup , agreed . No to the hall BUT yes to his resiliency over the years . I think that the least they should do for him though is present him with the coveted…

Yup, he should get the Iron Man award.

As much as I love Glenn… he’s a utility QB. The definition of average.

Guys like that are respected, and he is, but don’t deserve a spot in the HOF.

Yeah. It’s in Cleveland. It’s called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You don’t have to be great. You don’t even have to play Rock and Roll. Famous, long lasting, or interesting is enough. I hereby nominate Kevin Glenn for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.:wink:

A participation ribbon. That is so wrong. But so funny.

Lol, I was going to suggest a “participation ribbon” but thought it was a little too on the nose.

I am a yes. 8)

Beyond extraordinary career in Canadian football.