Poll: Should Kevin Glenn be in the HOF?


Kevin Glenn is now officially retired. He has 294 career TDs and over 50 000 yards passing. Do you think he should be in the Hall of fame?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a no for Johnny. Glenn accumulated big stats over a long career, but was never great. The HOF should only be for those who were great for a long period.

It’s a no from me as well. The longevity is cool, but like Johnny said, he was never really great. If there was a Hall of Very Good, he’d be my first choice to go in.

Ron Lancaster has simular numbers (years and passing yards). Would you not classify him as a Hall of Famer? I know Glenn has played on a lot more teams, but to me, he deserves to be in the Hall.

I say yes. Kevin Glenn may not have ever gotten a ring, but name one team that wouldn't want him as "the ultimate insurance policy". KG is/was an above average QB with a real team attitude. He understood his role these past few years and without complaint, he did what was expected of him, for the betterment of the team.

"Greatness" to me is measured by more than statistics and rings. It is also about how you play the game and what you did for the team. How many of the new crop of QBs have been mentored by KG? How many times did he help teams make the playoffs, from a back up position, only to be "demoted" again, once the starter was healthy? How many receivers has he helped to understand the Canadian Game?

I believe if you put KG behind last years Calgary Offense, I bet you get a similar outcome - maybe not exactly the same, but similar. It is always easier to win, when your QB isn't running for his life on every play (are you listening Riders?).

Think about the Calvio years in Montreal ... The guy had time to bake a cake behind that O-line and then once it was cooled ... "hey maybe I should throw the ball ...".

In short ... I vote "Yes"

Can’t really compare raw numbers as they played in different eras. Lancaster has a few MOP awards and multiple all star appearances, telling me he was the best QB in the league at some point. Glenn was an all star and MOP nominee exactly once. Not quite hall of fame level for me.

Keep in mind, Lancaster was before my time. Didn’t see him play.

A big No for me. You have to be great. He was never great, and was often a backup. Longevity is not enough of a reason to put someone in the Hall.

Kudos for his perseverance and for owning a few Tims in the Detroit area. But not a HOFer.

And a couple of QB injuries and we still might see him in 2019.

is Damon Allen in the HOF

You’re really, really underestimating how good Bo Levi Mitchell is.

Was never a huge fan but he won 4 Cups, 3 Grey Cup MVP and a CFL MOP … he has the credentials beyond just passing numbers … and … MOST IMPORTANTLY … the last Cup/MVP and then the MOP were for the Centre of the Universe Argonauts.


Sadly, too many (voters included) are obsessed with / blinded by stats … not all 50,00o yard passers are created equal … Pete Rose has the most hits in MLB history but he was not the greatest hitter of all time.

Exactly … if “stats” are the key then look at Glenn’s Wikipedia page and Lancaster’s page … *** TINY *** difference in their respective accomplishments.

The Ultimate Insurance Policy
Backup extraordinaire
Mr. Mentor

The HoF better build a new wing Bec cause the bar has been lowered.

No to KG in the HoF.

His one BIG season was the WTF season of 2007 when Kerry Joseph won the MOP.

possibly it should be noted that it is hall of FAME, not hall of TALENT, or ACHEIVEMENT.

I believe the intent was that the FAME derive from TALENT being applied and leading to ACHIEVEMENT … otherwise Johnny Manziel would be a sure bet CFL HoF inductee … he was the most FAMOUS player in many years.

We already have the “Builders” category … so don’t we already recognize that there are other ways to contribute to the league?

I didn’t say I thought he was a first ballot HOF candidate, just that I thought he was deserving of being in the hall.

…maybe he could garner some support for a CFL Lifetime Achievement Award? for years and years of dedicated support over multiple teams…something like that…

Being elected on the FIRST BALLOT only dictates *** when *** you get in the HoF … it doesn’t get you into some sort of “Hall of Fame” ELITE (double the points, no blackout days) section.

At most they could perhaps convert a closet ( ;)) into a display that lists non-HoF players with the longest careers (seasons and/or games played).