Poll: Should Kavis Reed be fired as Als GM?

Easy it is. Which explains why Johnny has started a whopping six such threads in the past year. Maybe he's just trying to create job openings for his brother-in-law or something. I just wish he'd confine those efforts to the Als forum.


You make some valid points Richard.

The likelihood is that Reed and company are here until season’s end. At that point, we will see.

Who cares what your wishes are. He's addressing fans from across the league in his poll, that's why he posted it in the main forum.

Maybe its Kavis who's your brother in law ? Who are you protecting? How you like them apples ?

17 to 5 in favor of a plane ticket back to Edmonton.... wow!

You're missing the point. I'm giving little Johnny a taste of his own medicine. If he thinks he can come around to thread crap in threads which I start with impunity, he's sadly mistaken.


Johnny's a good guy.

The real question is... which is the better team between these guys, and the 1982 Concordes?

There are pros and cons. Sure there are less candidates to pick from but on the plus side, it allows the new guy to assess the situation and get to know those who are there now before having to make decisions. I think it gives the new guy a leg up, the off season is short and next off season we have the CFLPA negotiations that will create a lot of ruckus. I think the quicker the better. Had they fired him 3 weeks ago, Reed would have been unable to trade away two more first rounders. You leave a desperate man in place he will just cause more harm.

It is an unfair comparison, The Concordes were pieced together last minute. Their situation was worse than an expansion team.

Watch this vintage video.... Cool stuff

Johnny's great. Like him and his posts very much.

Not so much - the twin trolls of BalticFox and his country cousin Dan38 or iso55 or whatever Al chooses to troll by these days.

The obvious traits of trolls:

  1. Usually attacking other posters, hoping to get into flame wars and thus soil the thread and/or the forums in general

  2. Over eager to ask regular good posters to over-explain their opinions. Last time I checked this is an opinion forum for all CFL fans. Trolls try to get under the skin of the better posters to create mayhem.

Thats why I generally don't make it a habit engaging with trolls. They serve no useful purpose other than launching personal attacks on others. If more folks didn't engage them they'd just flame out and eventually disappear - because with all their bluster and attack they really don't add much to the CFL conversation, do they?

I tried linking Eddie Murphy on SNL update playing a Montreal Concorde CFL player of that era .

Can't find it now .

I think he had the helmet on the desk .

When NBC really liked Canadian stuff .

Oh FFS! I complained because you started an off topic fantasy thread in the Als forum. You're so hurt by that, you want Johnny to be censored from the main forum.

Grow up!

And Thanks for the support Kevin, Lyle, HfxTC and others! :slight_smile:

Johnny I hope he signs a new 10 year contract with Montreal, and their coaches and top player
Simon Cando. Thanks Lyle and cheers

Johnny I'm all for your inside comments. Keep it up.

Who cares? Well clearly Johnny does. Otherwise he wouldn't have reposted another one of his calls to fire Kavis Reed in the main forum.

Huh?! When did I defend Kavis?

I don't. I'll be sure to let you know all about my opinions in that regard though the next time the topic gets around to apples.

Oh, and incidentally this is Canada. We have this certain "third man in" rule. Intervening in personal combat is strictly forbidden. When two men step onto a forum for a pissing match, everybody else is supposed to just pull up a chair and watch.

Perhaps. But he was an outright prick to me when I joined this board and that's not something I'm prepared to overlook.

You would. He's a match for you in negativity.

Dan38!!! He's the inconsiderate fellow who keeps pointing out to you that the Blue Bombers have had a better record with Michael O'Shea as coach than they've had with other coaches for many years, is he not? Talk about cheeky!

Or explain them at all. Incidentally, shouldn't a "good" poster be capable of actually defending his opinions with a few facts on at least a semi-regular basis?


Thanks Baltic. I don't know what went on between you and Johnny but I do wish that you guys wouldn't fight. You are both good posters with valid points to ponder.

The best part of all this is that good ole Lyle considers himself, in his own words, one "of the better posters." Almost spit up my tea....He also states that he knows what is pertinent to a conversation and what is not. Now that's funny....There may be a peek of paranoia too. He thinks I may be some other guy named Al.

Kavis should have been fired long ago, if even ever hired in the first place.

Also, Lyle points out the 'obvious trait of trolls' as 'attacking other posters' and that is EXACTLY what he is doing with this post. This has nothing to do with the topic but he brought me into it by attacking me. I will defend myself.

BalticFox is hardly a troll. Most of his posts, I have read, have been pretty positive.

Good point. The "disagreement" (if we can even dignify it as such) was about the issues Johnny and I have had with each other. It wasn't about anybody else.

Yet for whatever reason Lyle not only felt compelled to become involved, but he dragged your name into the mix. That's just bad; really bad.